Carmen RIOJA


(Monterrey, N.L. 1975) A writer and artist with a degree in Art Criticism from the Instituto de Estudios Críticos. Aged 18 she left the north of Mexico to move to San Miguel de Allende, where she studied sculpture and painting at the INBA’s cultural centre. Six years ago she moved to Querétaro city. She founded the @literatura_fest International Festival of Writers and Literature in San Miguel de Allende, an event that was part of the San Miguel Writers’ Conference and she ran this from 2008 onwards. She has edited the magazine This, has been a columnist for El Corregidor, contributed to the newspapers AM San Miguel and Diario de Querétaro and spent five years presenting the radio programme Sancho Panza de Cabeza together with the poet Yolanda Lacarieri. She has published the book of short stories La Muerte Niña (El Hechicero, 2002); and her work features in the literary anthologies El corazón prestado: El mundo precolombino en la poesía de los siglos XIX y XX (Cal y Arena, 2004), Three Messages and a Warning (Small Beer Press, 2011) and El largo sueño de las cifras (Municipio de Querétaro, 2014).

Photo: © John McCully

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