Beirut 19

Beirut19 is a project inspired by Beirut39, managed by IEA and produced in cooperation with Hay Festival, which aims to encourage the debate of important issues between young Arab writers, as well as allowing them to share and cultivate their talent.

Beirut19’s main objectives were to engage Arab youth in critical discourse on power, identity, globalization and Arab culture, to promote literary expression and encourage young people to read and write, and to explore young Arab talent.

To participate in this valuable project, students submitted short stories, essays, analysis, critical theory and journalistic pieces between 500 and 2,500 words on one of the following themes, ‘Power and identity in the 21st Century’ or ‘Arab culture in a globalized world’. Beirut19 selected young writers to be featured on the Beirut39 website and to join in online debates and discussions.

Students had to be of Arab nationality and also to be residing in an Arab country. They submitted their entries via their schools or institutions. The submissions could be in English, Arabic or French. Students between the ages of 12 and 19 could enter and were grouped in two main categories, Juniors (aged 12–15) and Youth (aged 16–19).

The top four finalists (two from each theme and one from each category) were invited to participate in the Beirut39 Book Festival in April 2010, and were featured in the Beirut19 publication which was launched at the iEARN International Conference in Canada in 2010.

The jury consisted of prominent figures in the fields of literature and education. The project was launched in October 2009 alongside the announcement of the Beirut39 winners. The project was directed by IEA (the International Education Association), and managed in close collaboration with iEARN-Arabia and Beirut39.

IEA, Classrooms in Collaboration

IEA, the International Education Association, is a Lebanese non-profit organization founded by Lebanese educators committed to the development of global partnerships in education based on the effective use of Information Communication Technology (e-Technology) for Lebanon and the Arab world.

IEA strives to empower teachers, students and communities to use ICT in active teaching and learning through e-projects that make a meaningful contribution to society. IEA is always looking for projects that promote the inclusion of ethnic and racial diversity, equity among genders, people of varied abilities, and from diverse socio-economic status. IEA values respect, tolerance, understanding and harmony.

Our mission is to enhance the learning and teaching process through the effective use of communication technologies so that educators and youth acquire the 21st-century skills necessary to excel in a globally competitive world; for youth, critical analysis, language, technology and leadership and life skills; for educators, transformative, active and inclusive education.

Our vision is to engage educators and youth in peaceful dialogue and collaborative learning and active projects to develop harmony, understanding, respect and tolerance.

Education happens everywhere! We learn from new experiences, discussions with people from all walks of life and by truly exploring the topic at hand. IEA works with teachers, students and education-based non-profits to create international classrooms of learning. Our preferred vehicle is the information skill set. We create and provide custom-made education programs for teachers and students, online learning courses, and collaborative activities including student-run, international conferences, campaigns and outings.