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Bogotá39 2017 events during 2018:

The authors who have been selected for Bogotá39 2017 will participate in various festivals and events in several countries throughout 2018. During those events, their books and the anthology that collects the texts of the 39 -in the version of each corresponding country- will be available.

April 27, 19:30, Madrid (Spain)

Librería Cervantes&CIA (C/Pez, 27)

Public presentation of the Bogotá 39. Nuevas voces de ficción latinoamericanas (Galaxia Gutenberg) anthology. Participantes: Jorge F. Hernández and three of the selected writers: Gonzalo ElteschMónica Ojeda and Mariana Torres.

May 4, Xalapa (Mexico)

Feria del Libro Universitario, Complejo Omega, Xalapa

Bogotá39-2017: with the participation of Juan CárdenasGabriela Jauregui and Eduardo Rabasa.

May 16-18, San Salvador (El Salvador)

Foro CAP, organized by El Faro

With the participation of Carlos Manuel Álvarez, Emiliano Monge and Valeria Luiselli.

May 22, Managua (Nicaragua)

Centroamérica Cuenta

With the participation of Juan Cárdenas, Emiliano Monge and Valeria Luiselli.

May 26, Hay-on-Wye (Wales, UK)

Hay Festival Wales

With the participation of Liliana ColanziEmiliano MongeFelipe Restrepo Pombo and Claudia Ulloa.

August 10-12, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Independent Publishers Fair

With the participation of Mauro LibertellaEduardo Rabasa and Luciana Sousa.

September 6-9, Querétaro (Mexico)

Hay Festival Querétaro

September 7-8, Dallas (United States)

Bogotá39 2017 in The WIld Detectives bookstore

September 10-17, Medellín (Colombia)

Book and Culture Festival

September 20-23, Segovia (Spain)

Hay Festival Segovia

October 10-14, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Filba Buenos Aires

November 8-11, Arequipa (Peru)

Hay Festival Arequipa

Past events

March 9, 19:00, Barcelona (Spain)

La Central de Mallorca bookshop.

Public presentation of the Bogotá 39. Nuevas voces de ficción latinoamericanas (Galaxia Gutenberg) anthology. Participants: Joan Tarrida, editor, Jorge Carrión, director of thel Master in Literary Creation of the BSM-UPF and four of the selected writers: Gonzalo ElteschCarlos Fonseca, Mónica Ojeda and Mariana Torres.


B1) Instituto Caro y Cuervo (Yerbabuena) 
My favourite word. Several authors
What is your favourite word? What does it mean? We have invited some of the Bogotá39-2017 authors to the Imprenta Patriótica whorkshops to hold a meeting between writers and typographers in order to recover the joy of converting words into printed texts. With Felipe Restrepo Pombo, Carlos Manuel Álvarez, Giuseppe Caputo, Juan Cárdenas, María José Caro, Liliana Colanzi, Gonzalo Eltesch, Diego Erlan, Daniel Ferreira, Damián González Bertolino, Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón, Laia Jufresa, Mauro Libertella, Brenda Lozano, Eduardo Plaza, Eduardo Rabasa, Cristian Romero, Samanta Schweblin, Luciana Sousa, Emiliano Monge, Mariana Torres and Claudia Ulloa.

B2) Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango
Women: Us, the others. Literature from the a female perspective. Samanta Schweblin in conversation with Sara Malagón Llano
With the support of Banco de la República

B3) Gimnasio Moderno (Teatrino)
Bogotá39-2017. Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón, Eduardo Plaza, Cristian Romero and Luciana Sousa in conversation with Marta Orrantia

B4) Biblioteca Nacional – Aurelio Arturo 
Bogotá39-2017. Liliana Colanzi, Mauro Libertella, Mariana Torres and Diego Zúñiga in conversation with Melba Escobar

B5) Librería Prólogo
Bogotá39-2017. Juan Cárdenas, Diego Erlan, Eduardo Rabasa and Mariana Torres in conversation with Guido Tamayo

B6) Librería Casa Tomada 
Bogotá39-2017. Mauro Javier Cárdenas, Daniel Ferreira, Laisa Jufresa and Claudia Ulloa in conversation with Andrea Salgado

B7) Gimnasio Moderno (teatrino)
Bogotá39-2017 María José Caro, Giuseppe Caputo, Gonzalo Eltesch and Damian González Bertolino in conversation with José Hamad

B8) Biblioteca Nacional – Sala del Fondo Antiguo 
Creative writing workshop with Samanta Schweblin

B9) Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango
Contemporary narrative journalism. Felipe Restrepo Pombo and Carlos Manuel Álvarez
With the support of Banco de la República

B10) Biblioteca Nacional – Aurelio Arturo 
The Soul of Tales. Guillermo Martínez, Magela Baudoin, Luis Noriega and Alejandro Morellón in conversation with Felipe Martínez

B11) Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango
A poetic jam: an assembly of music, theatre and poetry. Frank Báez, Juanita Rodríguez, Santiago Botero and Enrique Mendoza

B12) Biblioteca Nacional – Sala del Fondo Antiguo
Creative writing workshop with Emiliano Monge

B13) Biblioteca Nacional – Aurelio Arturo
The Soul of Tales. Claudia Ulloa, Emiliano Monge, Eduardo Rabasa and Brenda Lozano in conversation with Juan Cárdenas
B14) Librería del FCE
Writers in depth. Brenda Lozano in conversation with Juan Cárdenas


C1) Auditorio del Centro Cultural, Banco de la República
The poetry language: conversations between the Caribbean and the Pacific. Frank Báez in conversation with Eugenio Gómez.

C2) Auditorio del Centro Cultural del Banco de la República
Gonzalo Eltesch, Weildler Guerra and Eduardo Lunazzi in conversation with María Matilde Rodríguez

C3) Auditorio Centro Cultural Neiva
From the blog to the book “Web Narratives”. Lola Copacabana in conversation with Ana Patricia Collazos and José Onías Cuéllar

C4) Sala de conferencias del Centro Cultural del Banco de la República en Santa Marta
Journalism and literature: a way to write a novel. Felipe Restrepo Pombo in conversation with Clinton Ramírez

C5) Auditorio, Centro Cultural Banco de la República
Literature without borders: the hybrid novel and its geographies. Carlos Fonseca in conversation with Juan Carlos Acevedo Ramos.