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Hay Festival Cartagena de Indias, the festival of stories and ideas, celebrated its tenth edition in 2015. Thank you to all who joined us! In 2016 the festival will take place 28–31 January.

The 2015 festival was a glorious celebration of our tenth anniversary. The energy produced by the exchange of ideas in as rich a cultural, historical, architectural and human context as Cartagena de Indias is exultant. Venues were packed with audiences from Cartagena as well as other parts of Colombia and a significant international presence.

Hay Festivalito, the festival's programme for children and families, was launched at Puerto Rey, attended by many twenty-year-olds recollecting their first memories of Hay Festivalito events in the barrios when they were only ten – a life-changing experience.

You can read more in the festival news sheet produced in Cartagena: Hay Para Contar.

To celebrate the festival's tenth anniversary, we’ve also created a special website featuring photos, videos and audio of great events from the last nine years. It’s also full of the latest news about the recent 2015 festival.

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Oscar Collazos

We very much regret the death of writer, journalist and friend Oscar Collazos. He participated in Hay Festival Cartagena for nine consecutive years, and was a judge for the festival's Bogotá39 initiative. As well as being a great professional, his company was always a pleasure, as were his ideas, his sense of humour, his anecdotes, his vast knowledge, and his dancing in the Quiebracanto... He will be greatly missed.

He never hesitated to express what he thought and was a fierce critic of social injustices. Yet he was capable of extreme generosity with friends. The fortitude with which he faced his illness was a lesson for all. He was one of the greats.

His writings include the novel Rencor (2006), his reportage piece Cartagena en la olla podrida (2001), Desplazados del futuro (2003), and his novels Señor sombra (2009), En la laguna más profunda (2011), and Tierra quemada (2013).

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2015 highlights

  • JMG Le Clézio
  • Jody Williams
  • Javier Cercas
  • Juan Villoro
  • Sofi Oksanen
  • Héctor Abad Faciolince
  • Petros Markaris
  • Almudena Grandes
  • Andrew Solomon
  • Moisés Naím
  • Julia Franck
  • Steven Pinker
  • Saskia Sassen
  • Brian Eno