Programmes, tickets, marketing, informing and research

Examine how your own leaflets are used, very often if leaflets/programmes are free, people will pick up and discard more than one over the course of an event. You could consider the following:

Ensure you have an electronic programme available and point people towards this rather than your printed material.

If you have a large programme, try to ensure that people can download/print off just the pages they need, rather than the whole programme.

Consider having two printed programme options – a free lightweight flyer which merely lists events and times and a more in depth 'souvenir' programme for which you charge. This option helps financial sustainability, reduces the amount of paper consumed and also gives people something to take home.

Reduce your overall print runs and limit how many programmes are put out for pick up. Combine this with fixed daily programme sheets, chained programmes, or digital media for those merely wanting to confirm timings/venues.

Place programme/leaflet recycle points at venue exits for people who are leaving and no longer require their programme – ensure you check for quality before re-issuing.

Make sure that you have appropriate paper recycling bins available for programmes no longer useable.

Ensure any programmes you print are on recycled paper and try to use vegetable inks/dyes rather than mineral based ones. If you cannot ensure these, any paper you use should come with a Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC), and you should be able to use a mix of mineral and vegetable dyes.


Marketing, Informing and Research

Try to use e-mail as much as possible, direct marketing to Friends groups, contact lists etc with electronic adverts, programming information etc vastly reduces both paper usage and costs of postage and printing.

Ensure what you are doing is highlighted around the site, on any literature, by the speakers, on any running projections.

Undertake surveys of visitors, traders, staff and guests to gather ideas and comments on what you have done and what you could do in the future.


Encourage people to book and pay online.

Consider electronic ticketing in the same way as many airlines do. You will need to consider how you authenticate self-printed tickets however with the use of databases and bar-codes or unique reference codes it is quite feasible.

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