British Standard, BS 8901:2007

Launched late in 2007, this new standard aims to help improve the overall sustainability of events. Hay Festival is working toward meeting the requirements of this standard through the continuation of the work we have already been undertaking to improve our sustainability.

As this is a new Standard there will be many lessons to learn and we will use this toolkit to share those lessons.

We are currently working our way through this standard and have so far achieved Phase One.

Brief Summary of the Standard

BS 8901 provides requirements for planning and managing sustainable events of all sizes and types, supplemented by advice on how to meet, and surpass, these requirements. It encompasses the entire range of events ranging from large-scale conferences and unique events such as the 2012 Olympics to music festivals and air shows.

The standard is applicable throughout the sector supply chain encompassing venues, organising companies and industry contracting firms and is aimed at the following groups:

Event organizers
Organisations and/or individuals in the supply chain.

BS 8901 provides guidance designed to assist the user to implement the requirements and those in event management to manage their environmental, financial and social risks and impacts spanning all aspects of event management.

BS 8901 is aiming to:

Help companies to improve sustainability performance within available budgets
Reduce carbon emissions and waste, improving the resource efficiency of the entire event supply chain
Present opportunities for more efficient planning and encourage the re-use of equipment and infrastructure.

The standard covers:

Environmental impacts such as carbon footprint, waste management and effects on biodiversity
Social impacts such as community involvement and fair employment
Economic impacts such as local investment and long-term viability.