Hay Festival Live Stream to Libraries 2019

Hay Festival, working in partnership with the British Library and the Living Knowledge Network, offers a day of live streaming direct from festival events to libraries across the UK on Saturday 25 May 2019.

At five time slots during the day we offer a great event for audiences of different ages. Libraries need to sign in or create an account before accessing the live streams.

Hay Festival site in the sunshine

Below is the programme that participating libraries will be able to access via our live stream.

Questions can be tweeted to the events on #HayFestival2019 and directed towards the speakers.

We're delighted that so many people can enjoy our Library Hay Day on Saturday 25 May.

Thank you for joining us.

The following events will be streamed live

For more access to Hay Festival events past and present, the Hay Player features audio and film gathered at Hay Festivals internationally over the last 30 years. 

Hay Player
Girl with large pile of books
Girl taking book off shelf
Library Live Stream sponsors – Living Knowledge Network & British Library