Revolution in the fringes

The interview which was conducted by Peter Florence took your mind away from the sunny bliss of Cartagena into the harsh rural areas of the UK and Ireland. Fiona Mozley talked about the harshness of the Yorkshire land, focusing her book Elmet on a time when there was a movement in Yorkshire from farming off the land to working in the mines or for the ‘bigger man’. Lisa McInerney spoke about the ‘arse end of ireland’ and the small city of Cork (120,000 inhabitants), where her book Glorious Heresies is based. Both books explored the idea of characters revolting against the ideals of society. In Elmet, the main characters of the book build a house on land that they don't own and live their lives outside the law; in Glorious Heresies religious turmoil is spoken of where the main character tries to twist a confession in order to get the priest himself to confess.

Although both Fiona Mozley and Lisa McInerney´s books look into social and economic upset that have faced the UK and Ireland, the way they have narrated their books bear remarkable differences. Both authors read a passage from their own book; the passage from Elmet had dark melodic tones with descriptive intensity, whereas, Lisa’s McInerney´s book dealt with harrowing issues in the light hearted sing song Irish accent with a humorous irish way of speaking.