Discovering Nadya Tolokno's universe
I feel that writing a short piece on this interview isn't quite adequate, it covered popular political topics which are hard to glaze over in a brief text. What I can say is that it was a very interesting interview, Luke Harding asked many poignant questions covering topics such as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin´s relationship, politics in Russia and Nadya´s time in imprisonment. 

Nadya portraits her views very strongly, she openingly stated that the similarities between Trump and Putin are they both aim to gain money and power and they are happy to contradict themselves in the long run in order to maintain it. She spoke openly about her time in imprisonment revealing it´s harsh realities; as a 23 year old girl  who has lived a fairly privileged british lifestyle I feel it's hardly imaginable and appalling that those conditions still exist in today´s society.

She spoke of  the pride and strength she feels from fellow protesters, particularly her delight that women have recently protested down the streets of New York against Donald Trump. Seeing protests like this showed that the people are aware, all is not  right in society and that the people's voice still needs to be used in order to speak out against political leaders. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview, I found it a real eye opener and that it  revealed corruption in today's politics which we are often too blind to see.