After 40 years
This was a lovely light-hearted way to end the evening. Levi told humorous stories, reminiscing about his days when Chucho and he used to play together back in the 1980s. Such as the time Chucho electrocuted himself when the lead from the light on his music stand mixed up with his bass guitar lead, plus other funny other student adventures. They went on to discuss the similarities and differences between writing music and literature. I found it very interesting how they found their initial inspiration; Chucho spoke about how his music often followed from finding a title, whereas Levi said he found inspiration from music which took his imagination to a place of various sights and smells. The highlight of the interview was seeing Levi and Chucho reunite after 40 years of not seeing each other, they were back on stage and performed like they used to, both with a look of tremendous happiness.