Event 162

Muntu Valdo in concert

Venue: Sky Arts Studio
Muntu Valdo’s music is rooted in the blues, mixing African traditions with striking modernity and technical mastery. His mesmerising solo set juxtaposes his raw, passionate voice and intensely emotive melodies with an ingenious use of loops, samples and effects. 'Using a box of tricks to double-track his guitar and voice live, he added layers of sound to create full-textured, soft songs about peace, love and Cameroonian witchcraft and charmed the audience' – Financial Times. Muntu’s debut album Gods & Devils was described by NME as 'a rapturous record that shudders with joy and passion.' His new album The One & The Many will be released in April.

Listen to sample tracks at www.myspace.com/muntuvaldo
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Muntu Valdo in concert