To accompany the real-world event programmes of the Hispanic festivals, expanding their scope through the use of digital tools, Hay Festival has teamed up with BBC Mundo for the preparation of a supplementary online programme. At this programme, Hay Festival Querétaro guests and other major figures in the world of European and American culture talk about current affairs, offer suggestions for books to read and authors their like, and share their views on specific subjects. Readers can also find notes of interest and test their knowledge of literature and the Spanish language. This digital programme, with exclusive online videos, texts, images and conversations, will be broadcast on the website of BBC Mundo and Hay Festival from 4 September onwards.

Virtual Reality: Trafficked

Based on the testimony of María, a single mother who was trafficked from Nicaragua to México. BBC Mundo makes it possible, using immersive video and special glasses, to put yourself in the skin of this woman and experience part of her terrible story. This work of journalism allows viewers to see for themselves, and from a new perspective, a subject that often appears in the media.


Hay Festival and the British Council signed a global alliance agreement at the 2010 Hay-on-Wye Festival and since then they have worked together to support the presence of writers and thinkers from the United Kingdom in front of foreign audiences around the world. The literature team of the British Council promotes British publishers, poets, writers and opinion leaders to different communities and audiences all over the world, carrying out innovative, high-quality events that promote dialogue and cultural exchange between the United Kingdom and the rest of the world, and which take contemporary British writing and literature, in all its vibrancy, to an international public. With more than 75 years of experience, the British Council works in more than 120 countries, building cultural and educational relations that allow mutual understanding and trust among nations.

Transmedia Borders is a proposal by the British Council Mexico and a group of poets and sound and visual artists from the United Kingdom, Mexico and the Spanish-speaking community in the United States, which explores the possibilities of multidisciplinary and transmedia creation in order to use collective and critical creation to tackle the matter of borders, migration and freedom given the threats of our times.


The Querétaro association for the promotion of reading, LEO, works on programmes aimed at children and young people aged 0 to 14. It seeks to boost interest in and passion for reading through didactic, creative and inclusive projects; its aim is that children be competent readers and also to broaden their horizons and knowledge of their own identities and environment, particularly with regard to those children in vulnerable situations. Hay Festival and LEO have worked together on the organization of some events during the festival.


The Fundación Zorro Rojo was created as a space dedicated to literacy, for teaching children from marginal communities who are behind their age and school group in reading and writing skills, in order to close social, educational and economic gaps. It offers weekly workshops open to all, with children and adults discovering and sharing reading as a recreational, emotional and cultural activity. It also supports the community in order to reduce the digital gap by means of the use of technological resources and carries out applied educational research that contributes to improving our country’s educational conditions.

Adriana Giraldo at Casa Hogar de la Niña

Adriana Grimaldo (Monclova, Coahuila, 1983) thinks that perhaps humanity’s best invention has been words. With them, we not only connect with the world, but we can share our interior world with others. Adriana loves and admires words: she speaks them, learns them, listens to them, reads them and writes them. She uses them to communicate with children and young readers through her novels: Valles y Alturas, De Noche and Viento Austral. In them she has written about the stages of life, in metaphors. As part of the Hay Festivalito activities, Adriana will start a conversation with the girls of the Casa Hogar de la Niña y la Juventud on Thursday 7 September. That day, each one will receive a book, according to their age, and from September to November, Adriana will continue to visit them to run the reading workshop and encourage a conversation about life that can help to imagine the world.

Cultura UANL

The Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, through Cultura UANL, the “brand” of its Extension and Culture Department, bases its vision and mission on the notion of Culture as a set of knowledge, together with spiritual and material elements, which are transmitted from generation to generation and make up the identity of individuals and societies, an essential component for the integrated and sustainable development of individuals and peoples.

Considering declarations and agreements by national and international organisations, Cultura UANL assumes that Culture also acquires different forms over time and throughout space, a variety of expressions that can be found in know-how, art, traditions and languages. This diversity is manifested in the originality and plurality of the identities that characterize the groups and societies that make up humanity, a source of exchange, innovation, creativity and everything that constitutes a communal heritage.

The UANL – Hay Festival Alliance, which gives the UANL the opportunity to join and contribute to the dissemination of reading and literature.

Hay Festival and UNAM’s Cultural Dissemination programme

Cultura UNAM aims to support the dissemination and creation of the cultural and artistic expressions of all kinds, as well as the scientific, technological and humanistic knowledge, that have their source in the university. In order to do this, it builds links among parts of the university and with other national and international institutions in order to carry out joint cultural projects. At this Hay Festival, UNAM contributes activities that are in harmony with its original programme, with the goal of bringing the voices of international artists to the university community, promoting critical and aesthetic meaning by integrating art and culture into the lives of those who make up that community.

Q500, strategy for implementing the City Prosperity Index in Querétaro

The Q500 is a strategy that studies urban prosperity in the Querétaro area in order to create technical information in a participative manner. This is intended to allow the best decisions to be made regarding the development of the municipality with a horizon of 2031, which is the 500th anniversary of the founding of the city. This is being carried out jointly by IMPLAN and UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme.

It has two main components. The technical analysis of the six dimensions of UN-Habitat’s City Prosperity Initiative: productivity, environmental sustainability, quality of life, infrastructure, equity and social inclusion, and urban legislation and governance, in the municipality. The second component is social participation, which helps to identify options for urban intervention using passrticipatory methods that involve the whole population.

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