Visual arts programme

Exhibitions at Hay Festival Segovia 2016

Per Barclay Exhibition

The spectator interacts with Per Barclay’s light and sound installation, becoming part of it. The sound created by contact with its steel cables fills the room through speakers. Curated by collector Oliva Arauna, the Norwegian artist’s installation represents a new phase in his evolution, following his experiments with liquids. A multidisciplinary creator, Per Barclay also works with video, photography, sculpture, and painting. Contemplation of his work invites reflection in the presence of the artist.

Presented by Per Barclay and Oliva Arauna.

Venue and date: Alhóndiga, September 23 to October 16
Opening hours: Wednesday and Thursday, 17.00 to 20.00; Friday, Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays, 12.00 to 14.00 and 17.00 to 20.00
Opening: September 17 at 20.30, attended by the artist and curator, and September 23 at 11.30
Co-organised by: Segovia City Hall, RENFE and the Sabadell Foundation
In collaboration with: Norwegian Embassy


Workshop of Dreams

The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), the Hay Festival and IE School of Architecture & Design are to display the results of The Workshop of Dreams, an initiative bringing together for of Spain’s most brilliant architects with talents from different cultural fields in a celebration of Spanish creativity and the artisan techniques of working with wood.

RCR Arquitectes has designed a personalized space for writer Javier Cercas within which to carry out the activities that take up most of his time: reading and writing.
Carme Pigem and Javier Cercas
Carme Pigem (RCR Arquitectes) and Javier Cercas

“Limiting factor” is a half-way house between an igloo and an armadillo shell, and is how Jacob Benbunan (Saffron) has interpreted the dream of paleontologist Juan Luis Arsuaga.
Juan Luis Arsuaga and Jacob Benbunan
Juan Luis Arsuaga and Jacob Benbunan (Saffron)

Chefs Juan Mari and Elena Arzak wanted to have all their kitchen utensils to hand, and Izaskun Chinchilla has designed an object to make that dream come true.
Izaskun Chinchilla and Elena Arzak
Izaskun Chinchilla and Elena Arzak

Martha Thorne places tremendous importance on the times she spends with her friends, which is why Benedetta Tagliabue has designed some small tables she can share with them, whether a coffee, a book or a meal.
Benedetta Tagliabue and Martha Thorne
Benedetta Tagliabue (EMBT) and Martha Thorne

The American hardwoods used to make the four objects have been donated by Boss Lumber, Gabarró Hermanos, Maderas del Noroeste, Maderas Medina, Maderas y Chapas Blanquer and Tamalsa Europa.

On Friday, September 23 at 19.00 there will be an event dedicated to The Workshop of Dreams in which architects Benedetta Tagliabue, Carme Pigem, and Izaskun Chinchilla will talk to Martha Thorne about this project and other aspects of the world of architecture and industrial design.

Venue and date: Chapel of the Museo Esteban Vicente, from September 23 to October 16
Opening: September 23, between 12.00 and 12.30
Opening hours: Guided tour between 12.00 to 12.30 Friday September 23; 12.00 to 12.30, Saturday September 24; 11.20 to 12.00, Sunday 25 September. Open between 12.00 to 19.00, September 25.

Sculptures in the Wild. Exhibition

Carlos Albert

Carlos Albert comes to the Hay Festival to present his work. Despite his youth, the work of this Madrid-born sculptor is already known internationally. His work has a personal stamp, mixing traditional elements such as wrought iron and Corten steel, with the air as a support, allowing him to carry out imaginary outlines, what he calls “drawing in the air”: creating the part of the work that is unseen, the fullness of the visible and the invisible of the suggested make up and balance his work. One of Albert’s pieces will be on display for the duration of the Hay Festival Segovia in front of the city’s Roman aqueduct.

Venue and date: Huerta de la Calle del Marqués de Villena.
Time: 13:30 to 14.00 and 19:00 to 20:00
Opening: Friday, September 23 from 13:00 to 14:00 and Friday, September 23 at 18:00
Co-organised by: Segovia City Hall and Félix Ortiz
In collaboration with: The Prosegur Foundation and The Albéniz Foundation

Carlos Albert

Miguel EN Cervantes: The marvelous puppet show

Miguel EN Cervantes aims to bring Miguel de Cervantes to contemporary readers over the course of the year celebrating the fourth centenary of his death through one of his shorter pieces, El retablo de las maravillas (The marvelous puppet show), a work in which the author looks at fiction and reality and the challenge of autobiography.

The project, commissioned by the i con i team, uses a language that has been passed down through time: illustration. Two of Spain’s most outstanding illustrators, David Rubín and Miguelanxo Prado have been tasked, through different graphic and narrative languages, to create a powerful dialogue between the comic and the illustration and between Cervantes’ El retablo de las maravillas and the most passionate scenes from the life of the author.

Venue and date: Palacio Quintanar, 12.30 to 13:00, from September 23 to November 6
Opening times: 11:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 21:00. Closed Monday and Tuesday
Opening: September 23, 12:30 to 13:00
Co-organised and produced by: Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), Comunidad de Madrid and the Instituto Cervantes
In collaboration with: the Palacio Quintanar and the Junta de Castilla y León
Curators: the i con i team AC/E logo
Miguel en Cervantes
Per Barclay installation