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The Scribblers is written by the young people of Hay and made possible through generous support and encouragement from writers, including Jenny Valentine, Julie Harries and Judith Wills, and illustrator Rachel Best.

Paul Thomas of BWA designed the beautiful magazine.

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Jasmine Biddlecombe, Maddie Fleming, Daniel Gethin, Charlotte Hodgkins-Byrne, Serena Howard, Alex Jones, Lucie Rawlins, Freya Sage, Gwydion Sage, Thomas Scruby, Eve Thomas, Robert Waghorn,Marnie Waghorn.

This magazine has been made possible through the generous support and encouragement of writers Jenny Valentine, John Harris, Judith Wills and illustrator Rachel Best. Paul Thomas of bwa-design created this beautiful magazine. Thanks also to Sam Shepherd, Webster Wickham, Finn Beales, the good people at Powys County Council and our colleagues at Hay Festival for supporting our endeavours.

Sophie Lording, Jo Rodell-Jones and Maggie Robertson
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Issue 04 – Winter 2010

Exclusive interviews

Never go to school again

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