Over 600 of the world's greatest writers, thinkers and performers join us at Hay Festival Wales, 24 May – 3 June. What do you want to know from them?

Audience member asks question

Share your questions on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram before 24 May tagging us @hayfestival and using #AskHay.

From the public (What will Brexit mean for me?) to the personal (How can I find true love?), technical (Where did the term ‘drangway’ come from?) to existential (What is consciousness?), specific (How do I plant a rose bush?) to general (How can I achieve happiness?), 100 questions will be selected and answered on site with responses posted throughout the Festival’s 11 days. It might be asked in English, Welsh, or another language.

We want to hear them all.

So, go ahead: #AskHay and stay tuned for your answers 24 May – 3 June.

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