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  • Mo Mowlam in conversation with Jim Naughtie

    Mo Mowlam in conversation with Jim NaughtieLabour's most popular ex-politician, the ex-Northern Ireland Secretary publishes her characteristically off-message autobiography Momentum. She talks to the Today anchor, author of The Rivals, a study of the Brown-Blair oxymoron at the heart of the New Labour project.

    Hay Festival 2002, Saturday 1 June 2002, 11.30amaudio available

  • George Alagiah

    A Passage to Africa

    George AlagiahThe Sri-Lankan born journalist was brought up in Ghana and was the BBC's Africa correspondent, covering genocides, famines, epidemics, disasters, dictatorships, democracies and ethnic divisions from Rawanda, Libera, Ethiopia, Somalia and the Mozambique to Zimbabwe and Zaire. His book examines the future relationships of African States with their former Colonial powers, and with American and international finance.

    Hay Festival 2002, Saturday 1 June 2002, 1.5pmaudio available

  • Roger McGough

    Everyday Eclipses

    Roger McGoughNew poems with McGough's unique spin on innocence and experience: poems about his docker father and his new young daughter, dreams about how he gave the idea of Hey Jude to McCartney and told Dylan to go electric; about jugglers and human cannonballs, about sad music and 'everyday eclipses.'

    Hay Festival 2002, Saturday 1 June 2002, 2.35pmaudio available

  • Philip Pullman talks to James Naughtie

    Philip Pullman talks to James NaughtieThe Amber Spyglass completed Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy and was teh first 'childrens book' to win the overall Whitbread Prize. The novelist discusses his work with the broadcaster.

    Hay Festival 2002, Saturday 1 June 2002, 4.5pmaudio available

  • Stephen L. Carter talks to Gary Young

    The Emperor of Ocean Park

    Stephen L. Carter talks to Gary YoungWe launch the literary thriller that is gripping America and won a $4,000,000 advance from Random House. Talcott Garland, a black Ivy League law professor and son of the famous right-wing Judge Oliver Garland, is coming to terms with his father's murder. He begins a long and thrilling quest for the truth through a fascinating maze of high political ambition, family secrets and US justice horribly perverted. The Emperor of Ocean Park is, among many other things, an investigation into the soul of America during the darker years of the Nixon and Reagan presidencies. The author talks to The Guardian journalist Gary Younge.

    Hay Festival 2002, Saturday 1 June 2002, 5.35pmaudio available

  • Christopher Hitchens

    Why Orwell Matters

    Christopher HitchensThe great and prolific contrarian, scrouge of Henry Kissinger and Mother Theresa, hawkish advocate of American military action against Al Qaeda, and literary superstar, champions the cause of the author of Nineteen Eighty-Four, Animal Farm, Down and Out In Paris and London and KeepThe Aspidistra Flying.

    Hay Festival 2002, Sunday 2 June 2002, 12.20pmaudio available

  • Intervention and Cure

    Intervention and Cure'The credible threat of overwhelming military force to prevent terror and further conflict: right or wrong?' The exact focus of this debatewill be determind by events at the time. The panel will be chaired by BBC World Anchor Nik Gowing and will include Michael Ignatieff, the Sunday Times correspondent Marie Colvin and the BBC's Allan Little.

    Hay Festival 2002, Sunday 2 June 2002, 1.45pmaudio available

  • Archbishop Rowan Williams

    Has Secularism Failed?

    Archbishop Rowan WilliamsThere is much anxiety and confusion at present over the cultural role of religious belief. Are we condemed to a bitter stand-off between revived fundamentalism and an increasingly shaky 'liberal' consensus in public life? Or are there other models for faith and culture? Chaired by The Guardian's Alan Rusbridger.

    Hay Festival 2002, Sunday 2 June 2002, 3.30pmaudio available

  • Roger McGough

    Bad Bad Cats

    Roger McGoughA poetry party with the masterful word-juggler full of magic, horror and adult-eating alligators. These are very bad, bad cats...

    Hay Festival 2002, Sunday 2 June 2002, 4pmaudio available

  • Joe Klein, David Halberstam, Christopher Hitchens and Jonathan Freedland

    The Story is America

    Joe Klein, David Halberstam, Christopher Hitchens and Jonathan FreedlandOne of America's most brilliant political journalists, Klein was the anonymous author of the outrageous and unexaggerated satire Primary Colours and has just Published The Natural: The Misunderstood Presidency of Bill Clinton. Halberstam's War In A Time of Peace explores America's role as the only international super-power and the effects of a generational shift in national leadership, the modern media's emphasis on entertainment over foreign news, and the leap in military technology and American economic prosperity that has rendered foreign policy largely irrelevant to many US citizens. Hitchens writes for Vanity Fair. Freedland writes for The Guardian and is the author of Bring Home the Revolution.

    Hay Festival 2002, Sunday 2 June 2002, 5pmaudio available

  • Michael Ignatieff

    Human Rights and Terror

    Michael IgnatieffIgnatieff is the Harvard Professor of Human Rights, author of The Warrior's Honour: Ethnic War and the Modern Conscience, and a Booker-shortlisted novelist.

    Hay Festival 2002, Sunday 2 June 2002, 6.30pmaudio available

  • Will Hutton

    The World We're In

    Will HuttonHutton follows up his The State We're In with an analysis of the political and economic effects (for the rest of the world) of American isolationism, and divines a counterbalance in a strengthened European Union.

    Hay Festival 2002, Sunday 2 June 2002, 8pmaudio available

  • Paulo Coelho talks to Mick Brown

    Paulo Coelho talks to Mick BrownA rare opportunity to meet the author of The Alchemist, The Devil and Miss Prym, The Fifth Mountain, By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, and Veronika Decides to Die. The Brazilian novelist talks to Mick Brown, author of The Spiritual Tourist.

    Hay Festival 2002, Monday 3 June 2002, 1pmaudio available

  • David Hare

    'I have a go, lady, I have a go'

    David HareSince Osbourne's death eight years ago, a theatrical old guard has sought to downplay the significance of his first performed play Look Back in Anger and it's impact on the post-war world. In this inaugural lecture, Hare celebrates the originality and passion of one of the twentieth century's greatest playwrights, and takes the arguments of his critics head on.

    Hay Festival 2002, Monday 3 June 2002, 2.30pmaudio available

  • Jenny Pitman

    Jenny PitmanAn audience with the legendary trainer of such champions as Burrough Hill Lad, Corbière, and Garrison Savannah, the first lady of horse-racing, and now first time novelist, author of the thriller On The Edge.

    Hay Festival 2002, Monday 3 June 2002, 5.35pmaudio available

  • Tanya Seghatchian talks to Peter Florence

    Filming Harry

    Tanya Seghatchian talks to Peter FlorenceThe co-producer of the Harry Potter movies talks about the way she and her team bought J.K.Rowlings book to the screen. We want to know: How did the make Robbie Coltrane Hagrid sized? Who plays Gilderoy Lockhart in HP2? And how did they film the Quidditch? Come along and join in.

    Hay Festival 2002, Tuesday 4 June 2002, 12pmaudio available

  • Sebastian Faulks

    On Green Dolphin Street

    Sebastian FaulksThe author of The Girl at the Lion d'Or, Birdsong and Charlotte Gray introduces his new novel. Set in Cold War America 'the title is taken from a Miles Davis track, and the novel's structure owes much of the complex layering of rhythm and theme that is the currency of jazz' (The Observer)

    Hay Festival 2002, Tuesday 4 June 2002, 2.30pmaudio available

  • Ian McEwan

    Turning Pages

    Ian McEwanAn intense affair between a famous literary critic and one of the most famous American poets of the 1920's prompts this meditation on love, sex, death and writing from the author of Atonement and the Booker Prize-winning Amsterdam

    Hay Festival 2002, Tuesday 4 June 2002, 4pm - GERRARD MARQUEEaudio available

  • Maya Angelou

    In Performance

    Maya AngelouThe Phenomenal Woman returns to Hay to launch her final memoir A Song Flung up to Heaven, which covers her return to America in the 1960s and her friendships with Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and James Baldwin.

    Hay Festival 2002, Tuesday 4 June 2002, 7.30pm - Gerrard Marqueeaudio available

  • Sebastian Faulks

    Vintage Living Texts 2

    Sebastian FaulksThe author of World War 1 epic Birdsong discusses approaches to teaching the book with Vintage Living Texts series editiors Jonathan Noaks and Margeret Reynolds.

    Hay Festival 2002, Wednesday 5 June 2002, 12pmaudio available

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