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Hay Festival Colombia took place from 21 to 30 of January 2022, with events in the cities of Cartagena de Indias, Medellín and Jericó. You are currently browsing the digital programme of the festival.

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Event 1

Conversation with Pedro Adrián Zuluaga, Diana Carol Forero and Guillermo Correa

Rebellion and Disobedience

 Teatro Universitario Camilo Torres - Universidad de Antioquia

A discussion covering two stimulating notions: rebellion and disobedience. This event brings into dialogue participants and their knowledge in an educational space open to multiple narratives regarding culture and the arts, in order to give voice to those who talk of different kinds of rebellion, and urgent disobedience now. With Pedro Adrián Zuluaga, Diana Carol Forero and Guillermo Correa.

With the support of University of Antioquia

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Event 2

Matt Rendell in conversation with Pablo Arbeláez

Colombia is Passion, Vision and Cycling

 Auditorio Principal Parque Explora

The sports journalist Matt Rendell’s relationship with Colombia began in 1998 when he was working on his book Kings of the Mountains, which was later made into the documentary of the same name for Channel 4 (United Kingdom). Rendell, who has won various awards for his sports journalism, will present Colombia es pasión!, a book about the achievements of the cyclist Egan Bernal who, when he won the 2019 Tour de France, became the youngest champion in the 110-year history of the race. The work talks about the lives and dreams of Colombian cyclists, telling inspirational stories of success and how the titles that this new generation of cyclists has brought to Colombia have changed the country’s image in the world. In conversation with Antioquia journalist Pablo Arbeláez Restrepo, linked to cycling for more than 30 years.

With the support of RCN and Postobón

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Event 3

Anna-Lina Mattar and Gala Rocabert Navarro in conversation with Catalina Mejía

En el ombligo

 Sala Teatro Parque Explora

The signing of the FARC Peace Accords in 2016 represented a watershed in the recent history of Colombia: a moment of triumph for many, and one of controversy for many others. Behind the headlines, what has happened to the people who were caught up in the war? The illustrator Anna-Lina Mattar (Germany-Spain) and the anthropologist and sociologist Gala Rocabert Navarro won the Fnac-Salamandra Graphic International Graphic Novel Prize for En el ombligo. Diarios de guerra y paz en Colombia (2021), a work that collates the experiences of former guerrilla fighters after the signing of the peace agreement in 2016. The illustrator Anna-Lina Mattar has created images to tell the story of Gala, who reports from the countryside about life after the agreement. They will talk to Catalina Mejía about the book.

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Event 4

Martin Caparrós in conversation with Patricia Nieto

 Teatro Universitario Camilo Torres - Universidad de Antioquia

The renowned Argentinean writer, journalist and thinker Martín Caparrós is the author of over a dozen novels and several books of non-fiction and essays, including El hambre, an extraordinary book in which the author tells of his travels around the world examining the causes, consequences and social conditions in the countries that face systemic problems with malnutrition and hunger, as against more prosperous societies who live other realities. The author presents Ñamérica, an impressive study of Latin America, home to 400 million people with much in common in terms of their historical, cultural, linguistic and social roots, and also one of the most corrupt and unequal regions on the planet. Caparrós will talk to Patricia Nieto.

With the support of SURA, Bancolombia and Protección

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Event 5

Tyto Alba in conversation with Héctor Abad Faciolince

 Auditorio Principal Parque Explora

Oblivion: A Memoir is the landmark novel, first published in 2006, by Héctor Abad Faciolince. It has been through 40 editions, has been made into a film by the Spanish director Fernando Trueba and is now being published as a graphic novel, illustrated by the Spanish graphic artist Tyto Alba. This contemporary classic of Spanish-language literature is now told through drawings and watercolours which give life to the unforgettable characters of the book, particularly the wonderful Héctor Abad Gómez, the story’s central figure, and his son, the book’s author.

With the support of Acción Cultural Española, AC/E

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Event 6

Vanessa Rosales in conversation with Marta Nebot

Mujer incómoda

 Sala Teatro Parque Explora

This event brings us a conversation with a writer whose thinking is based on a gender perspective, intellectual curiosity and interdisciplinary research. Vanessa Rosales studied History at the University of the Andes, took a Master’s in Journalism at the Argentinean newspaper La Nación and a Master’s in Fashion Studies at the New School for Design in New York. She is the author of the book Mujeres vestidas: Moda consciente (2017), a work about the history of fashion and its relationship to the changing ways in which the feminine, identity, liberty and struggle have been imagined. She is the author of the book Mujer incómoda (2021), a collection of personal essays about themes that matter to her as a woman: feminism, aesthetics, love, religion, her native land, intimacy... Rosales will talk to Marta Nebot.

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Event 7

Ali A.K.A Mind and Leonard Renteria in conversation with María Camila Moreno

On social protest

 Teatro Universitario Camilo Torres - Universidad de Antioquia

2020 was the year of the pandemic, and also the year of social protest in Colombia. It could be said that the pandemic carried to the extreme situations that were already hard to bear, resulting in mass demonstrations and, unfortunately, in the loss of lives. Ali A.KA Mind is a an independent rapper, MC and producer from Bogotá. Leonard Rentería is a social leader and student of Psychology from Buenaventura who actively works towards reducing the complex climate of violence that his city is experiencing. These two guests will give us their own interpretation of what is happening in terms of social discontent in the country, in conversation with María Camila Moreno.

With the support of ICTJ - Centro Internacional para la Justicia Transicional

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