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Hay Festival Colombia took place from 21 to 30 of January 2022, with events in the cities of Cartagena de Indias, Medellín and Jericó. You are currently browsing the digital programme of the festival.

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Event 4

Mauricio García Villegas in conversation with Juan Diego Mejía

Politics and emotions

 Teatro Santa María (Jericó)

Mauricio García Villegas has a PhD in Politics and is a lecturer at the National University of Colombia, at the University of Wisconsin’s Institute for Legal Studies and at the University of Grenoble. He is also a researcher in the field of justice and a columnist for El Espectador. The author of several books, his latest publication is El país de las emociones tristes (2021). This extended essay, based on the ideas of the philosopher Baruch Spinoza, tries to explain how in a country like Colombia, so many good ideas, so many national projects have failed, giving rise to a history of conflicts, corruption and injustice. In conversation with Juan Diego Mejía, Mauricio García Villegas addresses the cultural connections among religion, politics and the emotional.

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Event 12

Carl Langebaek in conversation with María del Rosario Escobar

Before Colombia

 Museo de Arte Religioso (Jericó)

Why is so little known about Colombia’s pre-Columbian history? Carl Henrik Langebaek presents a work that challenges the limits of what we thought we knew about the Colombian territory before the arrival of the Spanish. This Colombian anthropologist and archaeologist lectures at the University of the Andes’ Department of Anthropology and is the author of more than a dozen books. His most recent title is Antes de Colombia. Los primeros 14.000 años (2021), a fascinating and unparalleled exploration of the cultures that populated what is now Colombia before the Spanish conquest. Starting with the hunter-gatherer stage of this land’s inhabitants, exploring a deep past that has so often been ignored, Langebaek travels through more than 14,000 years to give us a much more complete view of what we are today as a country. He will talk to María del Rosario Escobar.

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