I’m SO excited to join the amazing array of storytellers at Hay Festival 2021, to showcase my new book Xtraordinary People, which explains the Seven Dyslexic Thinking skills in children. And I’m thrilled to have some well known Xtraordinary People join me virtually, too.

My charity Made by Dyslexia has done extensive research into the value of Dyslexic Thinking Skills in the future of work. But Xtraordinary People is the FIRST EVER book to set out research and Dyslexic Thinking Skills in Children. It’s a brilliant way to explain dyslexia to your child, and to help them find what they are Xtraordinarily good at.

Why it’s vital to spot the strengths

Finding out what makes you Xtraordinary, and understanding your dyslexic strengths, is vital when you’re growing up. It’s what makes us happy, believe in ourselves, and find success. And it helps us cope with the things we’re not so good at, too.

In my talk on Monday 31 May I explain that every dyslexic child has superpowers and how to spot and support them. Plus, there’s a quiz in the book that helps reveal them.

I hope you’ll join me.

Kate Griggs is a social entrepreneur best known for her work in the field of dyslexia. Watch the event of Monday 31 May again on Hay Player