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The full programme is available for this year’s festival, 25 May to 4 June - you can download a PDF of the programme here. We very much look forward to seeing you in May.

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Miriam González Durántez

Reformations 1: The EU

Event 43 Venue: Baillie Gifford Stage

Miriam González Durántez

In this first of the Festival's flagship 30th anniversary project sessions, the Spanish international trade lawyer re-imagines the European Union. González Durántez was previously the Middle East Adviser to the External Relations Commissioner in the European Union, having started her career as a trade negotiator at the World Trade Organisation. Chaired by Matthew d’Ancona.

Price: £8.30

Tim Wu talks to Rajan Datar

The Attention Merchants: How Our Time and Attention are Gathered and Sold

Event 66 Venue: Good Energy Stage

Tim Wu talks to Rajan Datar

In nearly every moment of our waking lives, we face a barrage of advertising enticements, branding efforts, sponsored social media, commercials and other efforts to harvest our attention. The lawyer and Columbia professor analyses who’s monetising us in the digital realm, and how to resist.

Price: £8.30

Jan Kizilhan talks to Philippe Sands

It’s Happened Before

Event 78 Venue: Good Energy Stage

Kizilhan is a psychologist who persuaded the state of Baden-Württemberg to spend €95m to rescue back to Germany 1,100 Yazidi women between the ages of 55 and eight, who had been enslaved, repeatedly raped, and tortured by IS in Iraq. He tells the stories of his patients and their desire for truth and justice in the face of genocide.

We recommend reading this article about Jan Kizilhan by Philippe Sands - https://www.ft.com/content/2ce55dee-01c7-11e6-ac98-3c15a1aa2e62

Price: £7.30

Matthew d’Ancona and Edward Luce

On the Brink: A Dialogue

Event 98 Venue: Good Energy Stage

In d’Ancona’s book Post-Truth: The New War on Truth and How to Fight Back he examines how the art of the lie is shaking the very foundations of democracy and the world as we know it. Brexit, Trump, the rejection of climate change science, and the vilification of immigrants have all have been based on the power to evoke feelings and not facts. In The Retreat of Western Liberalism Luce argues that we are on a menacing trajectory brought about by ignorance of what it took to build the West, arrogance towards society’s economic losers, and complacency about our system’s durability. Our faith in history teaches us to take democracy for granted. Reality tells us something troublingly different.

Price: £7.30

Nemat Shafik

Reformations 3: Policy

Event 126 Venue: Oxfam Moot

Nemat Shafik

 The Economist Platform

The British-American economist examines the formation of policy in the post-truth world, and reconfigures how expertise is mediated and how we manage the boundaries between advisors and politicians. Shafik was Deputy Governor of the Bank of England and is the incoming Director of the London School of Economics. Chaired by Zanny Minton Beddoes.

Price: £9.30

Oscar Guardiola-Rivera

Reformations 6: War and Peace

Event 146 Venue: Good Energy Stage

Oscar Guardiola-Rivera

In the wake of Colombia’s 2016 Peace Agreement, which put an end to more than 60 years of civil war, the philosopher and law professor reimagines our understanding of conflict, of truth, reconciliation and justice. Guardiola-Rivera is the author of What if Latin America Ruled the World?, Story of a Death Foretold and the forthcoming A New Art of War. Chaired by Helena Kennedy.

Price: £8.30

Bill Davies, Chris Monaghan and Toby Hooper

Enemies of the People? - University of Worcester Series 2

Event 223 Venue: Cube

Judges have blocked Presidential executive orders in the US and corrected the legality of the Prime Minister’s parliamentary Article 50 procedures in the UK. What should the constitutional role of the courts be in maintaining a proper balance of power in a modern democracy? Bill Davies is Head of the School of Law and Chris Monaghan is Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Worcester and they are joined by retired judge, Toby Hooper QC.

Price: £7.30

Erika Rackley

Who Our Judges Are and Why it Matters

Event 350 Venue: Cube

Who were these Supreme Court judges who might thwart ‘the will of the people’?  What were their backgrounds, their politics?  In response, there came a reassuring message: the job of judges is simply to apply the law made by our elected Parliament.  But this reassurance is based on an understanding of judging that is at best only half true; it does sometimes matter who our judges are. Rackley is Professor of Law at University of Birmingham.

Price: £7.30

Sophie Howe talks to Jane Davidson

One Year In–Making Progress?

Event 375 Venue: Starlight Stage

The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act 2015 came into full force in April 2016. It puts a legal responsibility on the Welsh public sector, including the Welsh Government, to consider sustainability in all of its actions. The potential for this to change the private sector too is huge but how much progress has been made during the first year of implementation? Environment Minister, Davidson was the original architect of this Act. Howe is the Commissioner currently responsible for delivery.

Price: £7.30