We are pleased to announce the full programme for Hay Festival 2018.


Event 308

Roma Agrawal

Built: The Hidden Stories Behind our Structures

Venue: Oxfam Moot

Imagine you woke up one morning to find everything created by engineers had disappeared. What would you see? No cars, no houses; no phones, bridges or roads. No tunnels under tidal rivers, no soaring skyscrapers. The impact that engineering has had on the human experience is undeniable, but it is also often invisible. The structural engineer Roma Agrawal takes a unique look at how construction has evolved from the mud huts of our ancestors to skyscrapers of steel that reach hundreds of metres into the sky. She tells vivid tales of the visionaries who created the ground-breaking materials in the Pantheon's record-holding concrete dome and the frame of the record-breaking Eiffel Tower. Chaired by Stephanie Boland of Prospect magazine.

Price: £7.00
Roma Agrawal