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Hay Festival Segovia, 19–22 September 2019, has now ended. Thanks for joining us! You can watch and listen again on Hay Player.


Event 1

Visual Arts and Performance in the Square

– Venue: Tourist Office (Santa Columba), Acueducto de Segovia

Hay Festival Segovia opens with a tour of the visual arts exhibitions curated for the Festival (which will occupy the most iconic locations in the town during September), in a popular admission-free celebration throughout the whole day. The meeting point is the Tourist Office (Santa Columba), next to Segovia’s aqueduct, for a live performance by Ricardo Cárdenas involving the installation of his aluminium structure called ‘Cloud’ in a public space.

The Palacio Quintanar then opens its doors to show a selection of video art curated by Kate Cox about fashion and sustainability, brought by the British Council (more information here), and a photography exhibition, ‘The Faces of Time’, by Ricardo Martín, curated by Elvira Lindo.

At 5pm the Casa de la Moneda launches the exhibition ‘Trafalgar: The Journey’ by Daniel Parra, which provides a new perspective on one of the most important events in history.

At 7.45pm, ‘Pictorial Expanding Intervention’ will launch at Plaza San Martín; an exhibition by Alberto Reguera, a well-known international artist from Segovia whose works are included in collections around the world. He will carry out a live, pictorial performance of one of his three-dimensional abstract landscape paintings. While the performance is taking place, audiences will witness a dialogue between music and art, accompanied on the piano by Jorge Nava, star of the 2019 Maria Canals International Piano Competition. Once the performance has concluded, Alberto Reguera will talk to journalist and writer Aurelio Martín about influences on his art, especially the landscape of Castile. For more information visit

The event finale takes place at 9.15pm, with ‘Poets in the Square’. National Poetry Award winner Ángela Segovia and Antonio Lucas, LOEWE Poetry Award winner, talk to journalist Jesús Ruiz Mantilla. For more information visit

In the event of rain, the concert will be moved to the Alhóndiga. The start time will remain the same.

Annie Leibovitz Photo ©: Ricardo Martín

Alberto Reguera Photo ©: Nerea Serrano

Jorge Nava Photo ©: Michal

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Event 3

History and Current Affairs

– Venue: Biblioteca Municipal, Casa de la Lectura, Sala segunda

6pm: Presentation of issue num. 111 of Telos magazine, dedicated to The Voice The voice, which has been decisive in human evolution, it is today in the development of artificial intelligence as well, in the relationship human-machine, and a key element in the future of literature and creativity. Participants will be Juliana Rueda (music teacher and sound engineer, front page and main interview in the current issue of Telos) and Juan Zafra (journalist and director of Telos magazine) among other speaker to be confirmed. The issue of the magazine can be downloaded here.

7.05pm: Juan Fernández Miranda and Jesús García Calero in conversation with Carlos Aganzo

Don Juan contra Franco comes from the research carried out by ABC journalists Juan Fernández Miranda and Jesús García Calero, who had exclusive access to spying reports from 1948, with handwritten annotations by the dictator himself, shedding new light upon a key moment in our recent history.

8.05pm: 10-minute break

8.15pm: Lara Siscar and Pedro Zuazua. "Aquí hay gato encerrado”

Journalist and novelist Lara Siscar talks about living with cats and her shared feline weaknesses with Pedro Zuazua, author of En mi casa no entra un gato. The author of La vigilante del Louvre and Flores negras shares the session with the journalist and communication manager of PRISA News, whose book based on his daily life with his cat, Mia, has been a publishing success.

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Event 9

James Rhodes in conversation with Jesús Ruiz Mantilla

Music Saved Me

– Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo

English pianist and writer James Rhodes captured international attention following the publication of his book Instrumental, a bestseller in which he recounts how he suffered abuse during his childhood. He explains how the psychological injuries dragged into adulthood and how music has saved him in his darkest moments. He moved to Spain four years ago and is happy here. Following the success of Instrumental he published How to Play the Piano. He travels the world putting on concerts in which he interweaves comments about his personal experiences with performing works of classical music. He will talk about his career and music with writer and journalist Jesús Ruiz Mantilla.

Photo ©: Felipe Romero
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Event 16

Raj Rewal in conversation with Llàtzer Moix

Alternative Modernity

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Refectorio

Today’s architecture and cities cannot be conceived without taking into account climatic sensibility, human architecture, the connection with the past and a look towards the future. The concepts of space, structure and sustainability are fundamental in the work of Raj Rewal, the renowned Indian architect who has been awarded the gold medal by the Indian Institute of Architects, the Commonwealth Association of Architects Robert Matthew Award, and named Chevalier des Arts des Lettres by the French government. Among his most notable projects are the Nehru Memorial Pavilion, the Central Institute of Educational Technology, the World Bank Regional Mission, the National Institute of Immunology, and the Parliament Library building, all in New Delhi, India, as well as the Lisbon Ismaili Center, Portugal. Rewal has established global precedents with his urban design narratives and will talk about his work and his vision for today’s architecture with Llàtzer Moix, deputy editor of the newspaper La Vanguardia, culture columnist and critic of design and architecture. The conversation will be chaired by Martha Thorne, Dean of IE School of Architecture and Design.

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Event 18

Javier del Pino in conversation with Valeria Luiselli and Aurelio Martín

A vivir que son dos dias

– Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo

Journalist Javier del Pino, director of A vivir que son dos días, from la Cadena SER, the programme with the highest number of listeners during the weekend (over 2.2 million), talks about immigration and journalism, Mexico and its extraordinary culture with the Mexican writer Valeria Luiselli, who is visiting Segovia to launch her new book Lost Children Archive. They discuss writing in such a tumultuous period, where the media are focused on natural disaster, political change, polarisation and disillusionment, with journalist Aurelio Martín.

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Event 24

María Dueñas in conversation with Jesús García Calero

Migration and Liberty

– Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo

In her fourth novel Las hijas del Capitán (‘The Captain’s Daughters’), María Dueñas sets her story among the Spaniards who emigrated to New York in the 1920s, intertwining her fictional characters with real ones. In 2009, following two decades as a university professor, Dueñas burst onto the literary stage with El tiempo entre costuras (‘The Time in Between’), an historical novel in which the heroine leaves her native Spain to seek refuge and fortune in Morocco in the 1930s. The novel became an overnight sensation and was adapted into a miniseries by leading television channel Antena 3, to spectacular acclaim. Her later works, Misión Olvido (2012) and La Templanza (2015’s bestseller) continued to captivate readers and critics. Her work has been translated into more than thirty-five languages and has managed to sell millions of copies. Dueñas has become one of the most revered Spanish language writers in the world. She talks with journalist and writer Jesús García Calero.

Photo ©: Ricardo Martín
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Event 37

Carlota del Amo, Isabel Perancho, Clara Jiménez and Raúl Magallón

How does fake news affect us?

– Venue: Biblioteca Municipal, Casa de la Lectura, Sala Roja

DIRCOM is the most important Association of Directors of Communication in Spain. This panel reflects on how FakeNews and Factchecking news affects our lives and communications. How can communicators respond to this situation? Throughout the table, topics such as the globalisation of distrust and the reliability of the sources, what is the factchecking and what is dedicated; to what interests do fakenews respond, who or who moves them and how do they spread. The fake market, why it is necessary and what kind of information it fights. We will also analyse the ecosystem hunt and the appearance of a new professional profile: the fact checker. Carlota del Amo, Corporate Communications Director of the Penguin Random House Editorial Group chairs the event with Isabel Perancho, General Director of Planner Media, Clara Jiménez, co-founder and project manager of and member of the International Fact-checking Network Advisory Board, Raúl Magallón, professor in the Department of Journalism and Audiovisual Communication of the Carlos III University of Madrid. Author of UnfakingNews. How to combat misinformation.

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Event 40

Adam Michnik and Fernando Savater in conversation with Maite Pagazaurtundúa

The Battle for Europe

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Aula Magna

Spanish philosopher and essayist Fernando Savater, renowned for his extensive work on Basque terrorism and winner of the Octavio Paz Prize, is joined by Polish historian Adam Michnik, director of Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper, a political activist who has been granted numerous civic and professional recognitions including being named a Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur. They agree that the time has come to join forces, to rekindle the spirit of the European ideal and face the threat of radical nationalism. These two icons of liberal thought and defenders of Europe share their concerns with Maite Pagazaurtundúa MEP, the former president of the Fundación Víctimas del Terrorismo, who provides her very personal view of the destructive impact extreme nationalism can have when it is nourished by extortion and violence.

Photo ©: Ricardo Martín
Simultaneous translation from Polish into Spanish and from Spanish into Polish.
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Event 46

Ben Evans in conversation with Dylan Jones

Good style? Good design?

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Aula Magna

Ben Evans CBE is the Director of London Design Festival, which he co-founded with Sir John Sorrell CBE in 2003. The festival celebrates and promotes London as the design capital of the world and has inspired similar events in many international cities. It is an annual event involving 400 partner organisations and attracts almost one million individual visits. 

In 2016 he added a new project, the London Design Biennale, where countries, cities and territories present design installations to a theme taking over the entirety of Somerset House for three weeks. He is the Executive Director of the Biennale.

He has been a Governor of the University of the Arts London, a Board Member of the Roundhouse, and a Trustee of Artangel. Since 2017 Ben has been Chairman of the Mayor’s Cultural Leaders Board – a statutory advisory group to the London Mayor.
Ben will discuss the essence of good design and good style with Dylan Jones OBE, Editor-in-Chief, British GQ. The event will be presented by Caroline Michel, Chair of Hay Festivals.

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Event 58

Fernando Aramburu and Aitor Gabilondo in conversation with Jesús Ruiz Mantilla

Patria: From the paper to the screen

– Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo

Patria (‘Homeland’) has been the greatest phenomenon of Spanish literature in recent times. Its adaptation to the screen will also make broadcasting history: it will be the first entirely Spanish series produced by the prestigious HBO for television. Fernando Aramburu, its author, and Aitor Gabilondo, scriptwriter and producer of the series, talk about the creative process in which they were both involved. With the production stage concluded and the filming over they will make their first public appearance at the Hay Festival Segovia. The novel continues to expand internationally: it has been translated into all European languages ​​and has sold more than one and a half million copies across the world. The première of the television version is scheduled for 2020. Both will talk with the writer and journalist who has closely followed the entire process, Jesús Ruiz Mantilla.

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