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We are thrilled to announce the 2020 programme for Hay Festival Segovia. This year, our events taking place in the IE University will be streamed live. Please see individual events for more details on how to tune in.

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We can't wait to welcome you, in whatever form you choose to join us. For information on how the events will run in keeping with distancing practices please visit our FAQ page.

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Event 24

Aurora Luque and Raquel Vázquez in conversation with Antonio Lucas

Loewe Foundation International Poetry Prize

Venue: Jardín del Torreón de Lozoya (entrada por C/ Grabador Espinosa)
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In 1988, at a time when poetry was the most neglected of the literary arts in Spain, the Loewe Foundation set up an international prize to promote artistic creation in poetry in Spanish. Backed by an exceptional jury, the award has since become the most important non-institutional prize of its kind. Every year, the Foundation awards a prize to an unpublished work of at least 300 verses and another to a writer aged under 33. Both winning entries are published by Visor Libros.

This year the International Poetry Prize was awarded to Aurora Luque, a poet and translator from Málaga, for her book Gavieras; and the International Poetry Prize for young authors to Raquel Vázquez – a Hispanic Philology graduate with a degree in Computer Engineering – for Aunque los Mapas. The two winners will recite their poetry in an event moderated by the poet and journalist Antonio Lucas who was bestowed the same award in 2013 for his collection of poems Los desengaños. . The event will be presented by Sheila Loewe, President of the Loewe Foundation.

In case of rain, the event will take place at the same time inside the Torreón de Lozoya

Photography of Aurora Luque: © Álvaro Tomé / FUNDACIÓN LOEWE

Photography of Raquel Vázquez: © Álvaro Tomé / FUNDACIÓN LOEWE

Fotography of Antonio Lucas / FUNDACIÓN LOEWE

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Event 31

Ana Merino and Ángela Becerra in conversation with Jesús Vigorra

Everyday Affection and Magic Idealism

Venue: La Alhóndiga: Sede de Gales | Wales Stage
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Ana Merino’s name has been at the forefront thanks to her prolific output in poetry until the release of her novel El Mapa de los Afectos which earned her the most recent Nadal award. The story delves into the daily mysteries of a small rural community. A member of the Generación Poética del 2000 she has garnered prestigious awards such as the Adonais (Preparativos para un viaje), the Fray Luis de Léon (Juegos de niños) and has been a runner up for the Gil de Biedma (Curación). She obtained a PhD in Latin American and Spanish Literature from the University of Pittsburgh with a thesis on comic books in Latin America. She established the Master of Fine Arts in Spanish Creative Writing programme at the University of Iowa where she’s a professor.

The Colombian wordsmith Ángela Becerra has received critical acclaim for her creative output, whether in advertising, in which she worked until 2000, or as a writer to which she dedicates all of her time now, except for the occasional foray into drawing, painting or playwriting. Her literary work falls in the realm of magic idealism. As a novelist, she has just been awarded the Fernando Lara award for Algún día, hoy. She explores the life of Betsabé Espinal who at the age of 23 became the heroine of one of the first feminist strikes in history. Other celebrated works include Ella que todo lo tuvo (Planeta-Casa de América Award), El penúltimo sueño (Azorín prize) or Alma abierta.

Ana Merino and Ángela Becerra talk with the journalist Jesús Vigorra, director and presenter of Canal Sur Radio’s Las mañanas programme.

Ana Merino’s photography: © Xavier Torres Baccheta, courtesy of Grupo Planeta

Ángela Becerra’s photography: © Arduino Vannucchi, courtesy of Grupo Planeta

Jesús Vigorra’s photography: courtesy of Grupo Planeta

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Event 44

Belén Artuñedo, Fermín Herrero and Carlos Aganzo

The Earth We've Got Left – Poetry Recital

Venue: Patio del Palacio de Quintanar
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The miracle lasted but a few months. The pandemic devastated the planet. People withdrew into their homes. And nature recovered substantial ground. Now Earth shudders once more. It wants to talk. Talk with a firm voice. And also a poetic one. Three Spanish poets settled in Castilla y León gather in a setting defined by the footprint of its natural heritage to raise their voices with verve in a new song to nature. Belén Artuñedo (Cuadernos de China, Teselas, Orden de alejamiento) has accumulated a wealth of poetry full of force and expressive vigour, with a deep and penetrating look on the world and human beings. Fermín Herrero (Tierras altas, Sin ir más lejos, Alrededores) is one of the most relevant poets on the subject of the planet and nature of our time, through a poetry that turns the most basic, the insignificant, into a universal symbol of the passing of man on Earth. Lastly, the poetry of Carlos Aganzo (Las voces encendidas, Las flautas de los bárbaros, En la región de Nod) permanently delves into the truth and falsehood of human beings, their relationship with themselves, with others and above all with the natural environment that surrounds them. Poetic humanism and naturalism at a time of redemption and reencounter with Earth. The Earth that we are. The one that belongs to us and to which we belong. The Earth that remains at this critical and unique time.

In case of rain, the event will take place at the same time in Hotel Palacio San Facundo (Plaza San Facundo, 4)

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Event 46

Caroline Michel, Hugh Elliott, Christian Ebner, João Mira Gomes, Jan Versteeg, Maria de Lurdes Vale and Magali Guerrero

Readings in the Garden: My Own and Others'

Venue: Jardín Romeral de San Marcos
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In this new edition of My own and Others’ – a series of readings which celebrates its eleventh anniversary at Hay Festival Segovia – José Antonio Municio, expert in the history of the garden, will reveal some of its secrets to us.

Caroline Michel, Hugh Elliott*, Christian Ebner, João Mira Gomes, Jan Versteeg, Maria de Lurdes Vale and Magali Guerrero read texts of their own work or by their favourite authors during a walk through the Romeral de San Marcos garden, guided by the master of ceremony Félix Valdivieso.

*participating by video

In the case of rain, the event will take place at the same time at La Alhóndiga

Photographs of “My own and others” 2019: Javier Segovia

Event with readings in Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish
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