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We are thrilled to announce the 2020 programme for Hay Festival Segovia. This year, our events taking place in the IE University will be streamed live. Please see individual events for more details on how to tune in.

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Event 48

Enric Juliana, Manuel Carvalho, Francesco Olivo and René Moerland in conversation with Miguel Molina

The Challenges of Europe After The Pandemic

Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, Universidad IE, Aula Magna
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The Covid-19 crisis has cast doubts on the strength of the European project once again. The pandemic has exposed the lack of a common policy for the challenge posed by the health emergency and, on the other hand, has led to widening the gap between the countries of the South and those of the North.

A parallel phenomenon has been the media maelstrom: the global spread of fake news has reached undue proportions. In light of this, the mainstream media has not only seen their audience numbers skyrocket, but also how, after a long time, society has acknowledged their role as guarantors of verified and diverse information.

Enric Juliana, deputy director and columnist of the newspaper La Vanguardia; Manuel Carvalho, editor of the Portuguese newspaper Público; Francesco Olivo, expert in political information for the Italian newspaper La Stampa, and René Moerland editor-in-chief of the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad will address these concerns. The debate will be moderated by Miquel Molina, Associate Editor of La Vanguardia.

Photography of René Moerland: © Andreas Terlaak
Simultaneous translation from Spanish to English
Price: €7.00 (EUR)

Event 52

Andrea Rizzi leads a debate on the European Union

Europa Per Aspera Ad Astra

Venue: La Alhóndiga: Sede de Gales | Wales Stage
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Several generations of Europeans have lived with the conviction that the future would be better than the present. The 2008 economic crisis put that idea into question. The arrival of the coronavirus and its consequences open a period full of uncertainties, but also, of opportunities. The fight for the European project will require humility, courage and sensitivity. Will we be able to be rise from the ashes?

Andrea Rizzi moderates a debate that will attempt to answer this question with the data available to experts in the field. Rizzi, a journalist and lawyer specialises in EU law and is the head of the International section of El País daily. He has written extensively on international relations and the future of the Union in his column La Brújula Europea (The European Compass). Some of his latest articles have dealt with the defence of Europe's liberal values against nationalism and populism or the EU's digital weakness against China and the US.

Event in Spanish
Price: €7.00 (EUR)

Event 53

Fernando Savater and Adam Michnik

The Battle for Europe

Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, Universidad IE, Aula Magna
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Spanish philosopher and essayist Fernando Savater, renowned for his extensive work on Basque terrorism and winner of the Octavio Paz Prize, is joined by Polish historian Adam Michnik, director of Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper, a political activist who has been granted numerous civic and professional recognitions including being named a Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur. They agree that the time has come to join forces, to rekindle the spirit of the European ideal and face the threat of radical nationalism. These two icons of liberal thought and defenders of Europe share their views on stage.

Photography of Fernando Savater: © Ricardo Martín, courtesy of Grupo Planeta

Simultaneous translation from Polish into Spanish and from Spanish into Polish
Price: €7.00 (EUR)

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