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Event 57

Jules Hudson

Escape to the Country

Virtual venue: Llwyfan Cymru Digidol – Wales Digital Stage
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For over a decade, the BBC's hit rural property series 'Escape to the Country' has helped thousands of would-be country dwellers do just that. Now Jules Hudson shares his experience of seeking out captivating country homes in this inspiring and practical guide.

Himself an escapee, Jules answers many of the key questions that have come up during hundreds of house hunts in some of the most beautiful and sought-after parts of the UK, including:

Where to go and what to buy

The highs and lows of taking on a project

Going green and creating an eco home for the future

Living the good life; top tips for smallholdings

Working from home; what does it take to create a successful rural business?

This event is live and there will be a Q&A afterwards.
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Event 68

Frank Gardner and Mauricio Diazgranados talk to Rosie Boycott

The Kew Platform: Our World

Virtual venue: Baillie Gifford Digital Stage
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Deforestation has skyrocketed in Colombia since the peace deal of 2016. In the BBC Our World documentary Colombia: Saving Eden, Frank Gardner joins a team of scientists from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew as they go on a mission into virgin tropical rainforest. They hope to discover and save rare plant species before they are destroyed and vanish forever. This conversation develops the story set out in the film - available here - exploring issues of deforestation, peace-building post conflict, poverty, development and conservation both in Colombia and the wider world. BBC Security Correspondent and thriller writer, Frank Gardner is the presenter of the documentary, Diazgranados is the research leader from the Royal Botanic Gardens features in the film.

Please note – participants in this event will benefit from having seen the documentary. This event is live and there will be a Q&A afterwards.
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