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Hay Delegaciones presents free entry activities in many of the Querétaro delegations. These events reach the Queretaro public with talks and workshops for the whole family that cover topics such as creative writing, education, current affairs and nature.
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Event D1

Creative writing workshop with Dolores Reyes

Casa de Cultura Josefa Vergara
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Dolores Reyes is a writer and educator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her first book, Cometierra, tells the story of Cometierra, a girl with a special gift, but also one that is hard to live with. When she was small, she ate some earth and had her first vision. In it, she saw her father killing her mother. This book shows the power of literature as a means of expressing difficult situations, whether they are real or imagined. At this workshop, Dolores Reyes will share her experience as a writer in an activity that will teach those attending some tools to bring their ideas into being, making them into stories.

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Event E1

Cristina Fortuny in conversation with Imanol Martínez

Growing up with a screen

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Cristina Fortuny (Venezuela) is an economist, writer, conference speaker and adopted Queretaran, and she has dedicated her life to closing the generation gap, promoting links between parents and children as the best protection against the challenges faced by children as they grow up surrounded by screens. Her book Crecer entre pantallas (2022) is about the uses and misuses that young people make of technology, and how parents can deal with this; it is about interacting with these devices, managing mental health, and realizing the potential that these technologies have when used well. In conversation with Imanol Martínez.

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Event D2

Lydiette Carrión and Emiliano Ruiz Parra in conversation with Felipe Rosete

Imagine Wellbeing: Ecatepec, infinite city

Casa de Cultura Cayetano Rubio
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At this event, two journalists give us a view of Ecatepec, in Mexico State, which has many of the characteristics, problems and dreams of contemporary Mexican society. Lydiette Carrión, a Mexican journalist and author, writes on the topic of violence against women in her native country. She is the author of the book La fosa de agua, an investigation that documents cases of femicide in the municipalities of Tecámac and Ecatepec in Mexico State. Emiliano Ruiz Parra (Mexico City, 1982) studied Hispanic Language and Literatures and has been a reporter for Reforma and a contributor to Gatopardo magazine. His most recent publication, Golondrinas: Un barrio marginal del tamaño del mundo (Debate, 2022), is his fourth book of literary non-fiction. Since 2020 he has been a member of the Investigative Reporting Unit and works with the Corriente Alterna site, an initiative run by UNAM’s Department of Cultural Dissemination. These two writers will talk to Felipe Rosete about the problems that beset the city of Ecatepec.

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Event E2

Alma Delia Murillo in conversation with Karla Iberia Sánchez

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In this conversation with Karla Iberia Sánchez, Alma Delia Murillo (Mexico), Reforma newspaper columnist and author of several novels and books of short stories, presents La cabeza de mi padre, which tells the story of a forty-year old woman who, brought up among seven siblings and a working mother, sets out to look for her father. The plot of this writer’s most recent book is both a present journey and a set of reflections on the past.

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Event D3

Creative Writing Workshop for Beginners with Dahlia de la Cerda

Centro Cultural Comunitario Carrillo Puerto
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Dahlia de la Cerda (Mexico) is a fiction writer, activist and philosopher, distinguished with various awards for literature and creative pursuits. She is the co-founder of the Morras Help Morras organization, a feminist collective that works from and for the periphery, and author of Perras de reserva (2022), a powerful collection of stories in which the writer reveals some of the most unjust aspects of the patriarchy. The goal of this workshop is for its attendees to obtain basic tools to write their first narrative texts.

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Event D4

Andrés Cota Hiriart

The marvels of the world’s most amazing amphibian

Centro Cultural Epigmenio González
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Andrés Cota Hiriart is a biologist, zoologist and writer. He has written books such as Cabeza ajena (2017), Faunologías (2015), El ajolote: Biología del anfibio más sobresaliente del mundo (2016) and Fieras familiares (2022), and has interacted with all kinds of animals in their natural habitats, which has taken him to some fascinating places around the world, including the Galapagos, Borneo, Sulawesi and the island of Guadalupe. This event will focus on a fantastic creature from his own country, Mexico. He will begin with an introduction to the axolotl, and later talk about the particular varieties to be found in Queretaro, which are not so well known. He will share some images and fragments from his books, in an activity to enjoy with the whole family.

Ages 6 and over

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Event D5

Elisa Guerra

The Importance of Education

Biblioteca Pública Félix Osores Sotomayor
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Elisa Guerra is a teacher, writer and friend to both children and trees. In 2015 she was named Best Educator in Latin America and the Caribbean by the Inter-American Development Bank, and has been shortlisted for the Global Teacher Prize twice. At this event she will talk about her latest book, Las voces de los árboles, in which she takes us to a parallel world where trees of different species and from different places around the world tell us their stories and lead us to reflect on the damage we are doing to the planet.

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Event E3

Clyo Mendoza and Rosa Montero in conversation with Irma Gallo

Cuadernos hispanoamericanos

Tequisquiapan, Plaza Miguel Hidalgo
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Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos aims to promote knowledge and exchange among writers of different generations and nationalities, united by a single language and a literary tradition enriched by authors of diverse origins. The project consists of having an established author select a younger one on the other side of the Atlantic for conversations. On this occasion we present a conversation between Rosa Montero and Clyo Mendoza, moderated by Irma Gallo.

Event free up to capacity

Event D6

Natalia Toledo in conversation with Imanol Martínez

Biblioteca Pública Rosario Castellanos
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Natalia Toledo is the author of the book Guendaguti Ñee Sisi: La Muerte pies ligeros, which tells the story of how death came to Earth, inspired by the images of the great Oaxaca artist Francisco Toledo, the author’s father, and presentes in a Zapoteco/Spanish bilingual edition. Toledo will share a reading of this tale with the public and talk about it with Imanol Martínez.

Event free up to capacity

Event E4

Alberto Villarreal in conversation with Rodrigo Unda

Parque Central, Bernal
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Alberto Villarreal has been a booktuber for over nine years. His YouTube channel, AbriendoLibros, on which he talks about what he has read and his love for books, has over 243 thousand subscribers and his videos have been seen over nine million times. He is the author of the novel Ocho lugares que me recuerdan a ti (2016), and the poetry books Todo lo que fuimos (2017) and Todo lo que dejas cuando llegas y te vas (2020), as well as the collection of short stories Anoche en las trincheras (2018). At this event he will present his new poetry collection, Aquí no hay sed, in conversation with Rodrigo Unda, the creator of Cartas de un Lector.
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