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Event 2

Paco Roca in conversation with Felipe Rosete

Llwyfan Digidol Cymru – Wales Digital Stage
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The graphic novel has become an established form of artistic expression, as much as literature itself, and the award-winning Spanish illustrator and cartoonist, Paco Roca, is one of the form’s most outstanding artists at the present time. His body of work includes around 30 graphic books, published in over ten countries. His most recent graphic novel, written together with the US expert on Spain, Robert Coale, is Los surcos del azar (2021), which looks at the role of Spain during the Second World War. It is told from the point of view of Miguel Ruiz, a Spanish republican in exile in France. He will talk about this extraordinary work with Felipe Rosete.

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Event HJ5

Luz del Carmen Magaña

Universidad Anáhuac - Auditorio Nuria y Jesús Rubin
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Luz del Carmen Magaña es artista plástica y doctora en Artes por la Universidad de Guanajuato y posdoctorante por la Universidad de Barcelona. Su trabajo artístico e investigación está impregnado de su gran interés por el feminismo. Ha sido artista residente y participado en diplomados en centros en España, Cuba, Estados Unidos, Argentina, Costa Rica y Canadá. Su obra se encuentra expuesta alrededor de México, así como en el extranjero. Conversará sobre su obra y su proceso creativo.

Evento para estudiantes universitarios

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Event HF1

Liniers in conversation with Mariana H

Hay Festivalito
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The Argentinean cartoonist Liniers has become one of the best-known practitioners of the genre on the international scene, attracting comparisons with the impact made in their day by figures such as Quino and Fontanarrosa. His famous comic strip Macanudo, with its unique and dreamlike fantasy elements, is read around the world. He also specializes in giving curious portraits of everyday reality, through characters such as Enriqueta, the girl who loves to read; the adorable monster Olga; and the Mysterious Man in Black. Liniers has also done front covers for magazines including The New Yorker, and album covers for musicians such as Kevin Johansen and Andrés Calamaro. Furthermore, he has founded the publishing company Común. His most recent book, for children, is called Flores salvajes. Liniers will share the secrets of his own particular universe with a Hay Festival audience. He will talk to Mariana H.

For children aged 4 to 12

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Event HF6

Cositas and Gina Jaramillo

Cositas y Duna workshop. An imaginative adventure around our planet

Casa de la Cultura Josefa Vergara
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Cositas is a character created by the endearing Alma Gómez, who has been playing with children though tv for more than 30 years, and is now on social media. Gina Jaramillo is an art historian, coordinator of cultural projects and author of children’s books such as El sueño de Andrés (2019) and Cositas y Duna. Una aventura por la tierra (2021). This last book is an exploration of our planet’s diverse ecosystems and a look at some of the wonderful creatures that live in them. Alma and Gina will share the stories of this fabulous book, accompanied by a craft workshop that will give free rein to our imagination.

For children aged 5 to 8

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Event HF8

Stencil workshop with Santiago Díez de Sollano

Biblioteca Pública Félix Osores Sotomayor
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Santiago Díez coordinates the Graphics Department of the Queretaro Centre for Emerging Art, a space that promotes the creation of artistic and cultural projects in the city. At this event, Santiago will teach the use of stencils, something essential for making street art as well as offering a medium for art in small formats as a form of expression for children and young people.

Ages 11 and over

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Stencil workshop with Santiago Díez de Sollano

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