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Event 7

Tamara Tenenbaum in conversation with Gina Jaramillo

Escenario Digital UANL
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In her life and work, Tamara Tenenbaum has explored very different points of view related to matters such as emotions and love, and she has done so based on feminist theory, a philosophical background, and her own experiences with people and with her own body. A Philosophy graduate from the University of Buenos Aires, she is a university lecturer, a writer and a journalist. She has contributed to publications such as La Nación, Infobae, Anfibai, Orsai and Vice. In her book El fin del amor. Amar y follar en el siglo XXIlooks in a challenging way at our views of romantic love, while considering things like the culture of consent, motherhood, being single, monogamy, polyamory, open relationships, and dating websites like Tinder. In conversation with Gina Jaramillo.

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Event HJ2

Carmen Ortega Casanovas, Claudio Flores and Gianella Carvajal in conversation con Marion Reimers

Freeing communication from discrimination and stereotypes

Hay Joven ITESM
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Certainly one of the most prominent debates today is the one about discrimination in all its forms. Given this fact, the importance of organizations such as Igualdades is clear. This organization works to build new narratives in our society, based on forms of expression that are free of hate, discrimination and stereotypes. In this lecture, we will share some essential points for creating communication that is non-discriminatory, more equal and more positive, whose ultimate goal is to create in fact, and not only in speech, a true integration of all. With Carmen Ortega Casanovas (Igualdades. Org), Claudio Flores (Tridente Aceleradora) and Gianella Carvajal (Pictoline) in conversation with Marion Reimers.

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Event HF3

Laura Castellanos and Brenda Castro

#TerremotoFeminista: the march

Hay Festivalito
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The writer and journalist Laura Castellanos and the illustrator Brenda Castro present La marcha del #TerremotoFeminista, an illustrated work of non-fiction that contextualizes feminism, from the origins of the patriarchy to the feminist movements of the 21st century. Readers follow Sofi, a teenager who joins the demonstrations that are protesting the oppression of the patriarchal system, and with whom we learn about all the victories won, and about all that still remains to be done.

From 12 years on

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Event 62

LASTESIS in conversation with Alma Delia Murillo

Sede Digital Hay Querétaro
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The performance created and led by the LASTESIS collective of the dance and song Un violador en tu camino in Santiago de Chile can be described as one of the most iconic moments in recent feminist activism. Performed all over the world, its strong message regarding the intrinsic violence of the patriarchal system points directly to matters that require urgent change in our societies, at the legal, social and cultural levels, in order to finally bring equality. Now, the collective presents Quemar el miedo (2021), a testimony of their struggle against sexist violence and oppression. In conversation with the writer and columnist Alma Delia Murillo.

Discover de story of the feminist collective that changed history with our BONUS TRACK on LASTESIS

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