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Event 57

Screening of the documentary La vocera, followed by a discussion with Luciana Kaplan and Samantha César in conversation with Sonia Corona

Teatro de la Ciudad
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This documentary, directed by Luciana Kaplan, focusses on the extraordinary story of María de Jesús Patricio Martínez, better known as Marichuy, the first indigenous woman to aspire to become president of Mexico, in 2017. In the end, Marichuy did not become a candidate, falling short of achieving the number of signatures required by the National Electoral Institute; however, the articulation of her proposal achieved something much more important: to unify the struggles of the indigenous peoples of Mexico into a community force, one that proposes care for the environment as a central expectation. The documentary will be followed by a discussion involving its director, Luciana Kaplan, and Samantha César, a representative of the National Indigenous Council, from the Amilcingo community (Morelos); moderated by Sonia Corona, an El País journalist.

The Digital event will start at 16:15.

Language: Spanish, Maya, Yaqui, Wixárika

Duration of the documentary: 82 minutes


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