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Event 51

Gabriela Aguirre, Rocío G. Benítez, Mererid Hopwood, Dalia Larisa Juárez and Rafael Volta

A global reading for the pandemic’s fatalities

Llwyfan Digidol Cymru – Wales Digital Stage
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The greatest loss of the pandemic has been the disaster of millions of people losing their own lives or loved ones to the illness, and so this event is proposed as a homage to every one of them, through the art and work of acclaimed writers. This reading is part of a global action that began with the Berlin International Literature Festival (https://www.literaturfestival.com/), at which many cultural organizations around the world commemorated those who are no longer with us, through poetry and literature. With the participation of Gabriela Aguirre (Mexico), Rocío G. Benítez (Mexico), Mererid Hopwood (United Kingdom), Daria Larisa Juárez (Mexico) and Rafael Volta (Mexico).

Event in English and Spanish with Spanish subtitles

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