Hay Festival Arequipa 2021 – Art

Are you in Arequipa? If you find yourself in the White City, you can see the live broadcasts of all of the events for free, on the big screen, comfortably seated at the Paraninfo de la Universidad Nacional de San Agustín, where you can enjoy the talks from 1 to 7 November.

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Event 43

Gerardo Chávez and Gerardo Amador Chávez-Maza in conversation with Miguel Cordero

Great artists

Casa Tristán del Pozo
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Gerardo Chávez (Peru), one of the region’s most distinguished visual artists, presents his book of memoire, Antes del olvido, in conversation with Arequipa visual artist and editor Miguel Cordero. Retracing his footsteps from his childhood to his rise to recognition, the reader will learn about his youth in Paiján and Trujillo, his artistic education and the influences that he received, as well as his time in Paris, his friendship with famous names from the world of art, such as Roberto Matta and Wifredo Lam, and his personal triumphs and tribulations. A testimony to the life of a man, and an intimate look at his vocation for and devotion to art. Gerardo Amador Chávez-Maza, the son of the artist and curator, will be part of this conversation.

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Event 45

Julien Petit in conversation with Nereida Apaza Mamani and José Luis Delgado Otero

UNSA (Sala Mariano Melgar)
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Julien Petit (France) is a curator at the Miguel Urrutia Art Museum in Bogota and a lecturer at the University of the Andes. His curatorial work involves looking at notions of writing and reading in the history of art, critical and decolonial art, the scope of the image, photography and reading and, in general, the place occupied by art in the construction of community, culture and social paradigms. He will talk to the visual artists Nereida Apaza Mamani and José Luis Delgado Otero, who live in Arequipa.

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