Hay Festival Arequipa 2021 – Religion

Are you in Arequipa? If you find yourself in the White City, you can see the live broadcasts of all of the events for free, on the big screen, comfortably seated at the Paraninfo de la Universidad Nacional de San Agustín, where you can enjoy the talks from 1 to 7 November.

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Event 12

Martín López de Romaña in conversation with Paola Ugaz

Hay Fórum Digital Moquegua
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Despite the fact that contemporary Latin American societies are formally secular from the socio-political point of view, religion continues to be one of the main forces that influences the region in many different ways. Unfortunately there continue to be cases in which terrible abuses are committed in the name of God, something that has been investigated by Martín López de Romaña, a photographer and writer with a background in Philosophy and Theology, for his work La jaula invisible (2012). This book is a collection of shocking testimony about the Sodalicio Catholic congregation, a religious institution that he belonged to for 14 years and which he, together with his brother Vicente, José Enrique Escardó Steck, Óscar Osterling Castillo and the journalist Pedro Salinas, denounced in 2016 for the physical, psychological and sexual abuses perpetrated by eight of its members. He will talk about this chilling case with Paola Ugaz.

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