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We invite you to browse the programme of the seventh edition of the Hay Festival Queretaro, to be celebrated from 1-4 of September 2022. This year, we return with in person activities in the Hay Joven, Hay Festivalito, and Hay Delegaciones sections, and for the first time we present talks in the municipalities of Bernal, Corregidora, and Tequisquiapan.
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Event TE2

Hugo Cervantes, Carlos López de Alba and Laura Sandoval in conversation with Diana González

Out of the spotlight. Away from the major publishing centres

Museo de la Ciudad (sala Cristo)
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What once seemed impossible is now a reality: more and more publishing companies are working away from the cities that have traditionally dominated the book industry, a trend that has become even stronger with the pandemic. With Laura Sandoval (Hoja de Lata; Gijon, Spain), Hugo Cervantes (Palíndroma; Queretaro, Mexico) and Carlos López de Alba (Pollo Blanco; Guadalajara, Mexico), in conversation with Diana González.
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Event TE3

Rafael Arias, Claudia Bautista and Mara Rahab Bautista López in conversation with Paco Goyanes

Bookshops: community spaces in transformation

Museo de la Ciudad (sala Cristo)
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A trend in recent times that perhaps might be unexpected is the opening of bookshops, and talking or writing about them. A trade that seemed to be heading for extinction has shown that today it is more alive than ever, and it is proving its importance to the book ecosystem. Perhaps for this reason it is equally important to reflect on an appropriate model for the contemporary bookshop, and also to think about its future. With Rafael Arias (Letras Corsarias; Salamanca, Spain), Mara Rahab Bautista López (El Traspatio, Mexico) and Claudia Bautista (Hyperión; Xalapa, Mexico), in conversation with Paco Goyanes.

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Event TE4

Jazmina Barrera, Martha Julieta Hernández Aguilar and Silvia Sesé in conversation with Claudia Ivonne Hernández

Women authors in numbers? Women, literature and publishing power

Museo de la Ciudad (sala Cristo)
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For many years now, women have been playing an important role in the international publishing industry as editors, translators, literary agents, proofreaders, festival directors… and, of course, as readers. Paradoxically, they have not held their due space in the catalogues of publishers, or on the boards of directors of the major publishing companies. So is this changing? With Jazmina Barrera (Antílope; Mexico City, Mexico), Silvia Sesé (Anagrama; Barcelona, Spain) and Martha Julieta Hernández Aguilar (U-Tópica Bookshop; Mexico City, Mexico), in conversation with Claudia Ivonne Hernández.

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