Hay Festival Segovia 2022

Browse the programme of the seventeenth edition of Hay Festival Segovia. From September 15 to 18, 2022, we will have lots of events, including English-speaking authors. For the second year in a row there will be a series of previous events in various venues in the region, to celebrate the heritage of Castilla y León. All events will be in-person, respecting the security protocols. More information here.


Event 5

Reyes Monforte in conversation with Carlos Aganzo

Venue: La Casa de las Conchas, Biblioteca Pública de Salamanca
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Casa de las Conchas s one of the most iconic architectural elements in Salamanca. Late Gothic with the first signs of Plateresque, the style in which this land expressed its first Renaissance. In this singular place, the novelist Reyes Monforte, author of books such us La violinista roja, Postales del Este or La memoria de la lavanda, talks with the writer and journalist Carlos Aganzo on the value of art and literature as an alternative to a decomposing world in this Spanish and European cultural capital. They speak of the return to Nature as the only way to return to the Earth everything that the Earth has given to man... and mankind denies. Words for reconstruction. Stories for a new world. Lyrics for a rebirth that are accompanied by a reading by María Antonia Eliott, ambassador of the United Kingdom in Spain, and the Salamancan, Castilian and Leonese poets: Mónica Velasco, Asunción Escribano and Fermín Herrero, on the essential reconciliation of human beings with their environment.

Presented by Ramona Domínguez.

Event in Spanish.

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Event 57

Clemens Schlettwein and Gemma Knowles in conversation with William Mut

Ecology and animal Welfare

Venue: Torreón de Lozoya
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Twenty years ago, Clemens Schlettwein, an investor and philanthropist specialising in environmental conservation projects, and Gemma Knowles, a holistic animal therapist and dog nutritionist, author of several books on animal welfare, started their life project together, running a shelter for dogs and cats in El Garraf (Barcelona). Project and life partners, they have launched various enterprises related, for instance, to permaculture with horses or the development of a solar car. They will talk about all this with William Mut, an expert consultant in policies and promotion of productive investment, who has worked with numerous multilateral institutions including the World Bank, the United Nations, COMESA and the EU.

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Event 80

Tiago Pitta e Cunha and Jesus Calero in conversation with Carlos Aganzo

A look to the ocean

Venue: IE University
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Tiago Pitta e Cunha is one of the most significant international personalities on issues related to the oceans and the changes that need to happen in our attitude towards them. He has worked for over two decades to put maritime issues on political and institutional agendas. He has coordinated the European Union’s Integrated Maritime Policy at the office of the European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and has represented Portugal and the EU at the UN in various international bodies dedicated to all matters related to the sea. Also director of the Oceano Azul Foundation, in 2021 he received the Pessoa Prize, awarded annually to Portuguese nationals who have distinguished themselves as outstanding figures in scientific, artistic or literary life. He will talk with Jesus Calero, director of ABC Cultural, who researches oceans and their shipwrecks,

They will discuss the need to care for the oceans with journalist and poet Carlos Aganzo.

With simultaneous translation from Portuguese to Spanish and vice versa.

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