Hay Festival Cartagena 2023

Welcome to the Hay Festival Cartagena de Indias 2023 programme, to be held from 26 to 29 January. In this page you can find the events in the general programme as well as Hay Joven activities tor university audiences, Hay Comunitario sessions which will take place in different areas of Cartagena, Reading Clubs and Talento Editorial.

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Event HJ6

Juan José Borrell in conversation with Camilo Rey

Geopolitics and food

 Universidad de Cartagena, Sala de Lectura Biblioteca Fernández de Madrid (Claustro de San Agustín)
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The Geopolitics researcher and lecturer Juan José Borrell (Argentina) will talk to students about his book Geopolítica y alimentos. The food supply system is a vital question for global geopolitics, and in recent decades international competition for resources has meant that food is now included in strategic and security considerations. In a world in which one in nine people suffer from hunger and in which, by 2050, it is estimated that there will be over 9.3 billion inhabitants, it is of particular importance to look at the factors affecting the food supply. Borrell’s text, the subject of this event, contributes to unpick the myths behind the future challenges of food. In conversation with Camilo Rey.
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Event 18

Dan Saladino in conversation with Mercedes Cebrián

Saving food to save the world

 Teatro Adolfo Mejía
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Dan Saladino (United Kingdom) is a BBC journalist who specializes in food and for 25 years he has travelled the world documenting and reporting on edible plant varieties that are at risk of disappearing. His work related to this issue and reflecting on the importance of food diversity has given rise to the book Eating to Extinction. In conversation with Mercedes Cebrián.

Simultaneous interpreting from English to Spanish available

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Event 39

Mercedes Cebrián in conversation with Margarita Valencia

Writing for the senses

 Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española (Salón del Rey)
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The Spanish writer, literary critic and journalist, Mercedes Cebrián, has recently published Cocido y violonchelo, a book that brings together her two passions, gastronomy and music, tackling them from her point of view as a writer. Other titles of hers include Muchacha de Castilla, Burp. Apuntes gastronómicos, Malgastar, La nueva taxidermia and Mercado común. She has also published poems, essays and short stories in outlets such as Revista de Occidente, Letras Libres, The Indian Quarterly, Poetry London, Gatopardo, Diario de Poesía, Quimera and Circumference, and she was guest editor at the Caballo de Troya imprint in 2018. She will talk to Margarita Valencia.
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Event 48

Juan José Borrell, Ana Catalina Suárez and Moisés Wasserman in conversation with Fernando Quijano

Grupo BIOS event: Towards greater food security

 Teatro Adolfo Mejía
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We are what we eat and our health will always be linked to our food. We humans obtain our energy and develop a strong immunological system through the nutrients provided by what we eat. For this reason, health and quality of life require sustainable, quality sources of food. With Juan José Borrell (Argentina), researcher and writer; Ana Catalina Suárez, Latin American Regional Director of The Global FoodBanking Network; and Moisés Wasserman (Colombia), educator and writer. Moderated by the journalist Fernando Quijano.
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