Event 30

Verónica Gerber Bicecci

México20: Secret Lecture*

Church of Ireland – Carmel Naughton Stage

México20 is a project created by Hay Festival, in collaboration with the British Council and Conaculta, to bring together the work of twenty young Mexican writers and promote it to an international readership.

Verónica Gerber Bicecci is one of the writers featuring in the recently published México20 anthology: her Conjunto vacío (‘Empty Set’), excerpted in the anthology, will be published this year by Almadía. Verónica makes visual pieces that are texts and texts that are visual pieces. Her projects explore the infinitesimal trails of things that can’t be heard or seen. Her book Moving Out narrates the transformation of five writers into visual artists.

Her ‘Secret Lecture’ is a visual and literary performance exploring the ephemeral, fragile and contradictory lexical matter of secrets; the paradoxes between telling and hiding, between keeping a secret, writing, and language. The project consists of three parts:

  1.    A 25-minute lecture;
  2.   The (illegible) index cards of the lecturer; and
  3.    A secret.
*To respect its secret nature, this lecture performance can't be recorded.
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