Event 213

Sam Lee

Singing with Nightingales: Live

Virtual venue: Oxfam Moot
Each year thousands of nightingales leave the forests of sub-Saharan Africa and take up temporary residence in the thickets of southern England, singing their much admired night song to lure the returning females. In admiration of these musical creatures, folk singer, song collector, and naturalist Sam Lee has created an enchanting, open-air experience that allows listeners to participate in a celebration of nature and nightingale. The event has captivated audiences through these meditative listening experiences held at special sites where the returning birds roost.

Singing With Nightingales: Live sees the nightingales’ courtship song broadcast live into the tent at Hay, where Sam and guest musicians will collaborate in this unique performance from the comfort of the auditiorium. This live broadcast concept focuses on Sam Lee’s spoken and sung narrative, surrounding the enduring myth of these birds as a symbol of our nation’s connection to nature; now under threat as the UK population declines. A guided imaginatory forest walk will draw audiences into the lore of the woods, with transporting folk songs, and guest musicians. This meditative journey is accompanied by immersive lighting and a live audio feed of the evening chorus as it fades to silence, followed by the signature duet as performers join with the birds’ after-dark song.

Guest artists Pete Judge & Georgia Ruth.
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