Event 302

James Acaster

Stands Up at Hay

Virtual venue: Oxfam Moot

James Acaster is hilarious and brilliant. Here is his show blurb for the programme: “James Acaster reflects on the best year of his life and the worst year of his life and does stand-up comedy about them while throwing a strop. Last year he did a book tour and was reading from his book and while the blurb said very clearly that it was a book reading, absolutely zero members of the audience knew it was a book reading and turned up expecting stand up. So, having learnt that no one reads these blurbs you’ll excuse me if I don't put 100% effort into this one. I will, however, put maximum effort into the show, which is a stand-up show although I imagine the audience will be expecting a book reading. And yes, I’ve given up pretending it’s not me writing this blurb.” Definitely expect stand-up. Great.

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