Event 55

Carlos Granés and Jesús Ruiz Mantilla in conversation with Jose Luis Vargas

May ‘68.

Virtual venue: Universidad Nacional San Agustín (sala Mariano Melgar)

The Colombian writer and academic, Carlos Granés, is a Doctor in Social Anthropology from Madrid’s Universidad Complutense. He has published several books about the impact of art on society, such as El puño invisible. Arte, revolución y un siglo de cambios culturales (2011) and La invención del paraíso: El Living Theatre y el arte de la osadía (2015). He will talk with the Spanish journalist and writer Jesús Ruiz Mantilla and the Peruvian sociologist and communicator Jose Luis Vargas about how we are, 50 years after May ‘68, and what those movements mean for our common contemporary history.

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