Event 418

Peter Florence and You

Foundation Gala Quiz Night Supper

Virtual venue: The Grove Restaurant
What's links monolingual, polyamory, liposuction, petroleum, homosexual, television, and tyrannosaurus rex? What is Eton Mess? Measured only by rate of ministerial resignation, who is the worst British Prime Minister in history? Who won the Six Nations Grand Slam this year? What is the proportion of bureaucrats in the EU (pop: 500m) and the UK (pop: 66m)? How fantastic is Phoebe Waller-Bridge?

Please come and join us for a light supper and some lighter competitive quizzing with rounds on vice and virtue, passion and progress. Bring your own team of four, or come and scratch together with new friends. (There have been two marriages of people who met at the festival Quiz!!). There are sumptuous prizes, scrummy food and the (really not so fiendish) questions spun by Peter Florence.
Price includes 2 courses. Pay bar.
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