Stephanie Chaltiel in conversation with Martha Thorne

Vertical Gardens: Urban Innovation and Ecosystems

Segovia 2020 , 

The integration of nature in today's urban environments brings new challenges to architects and landscapers. French architect Stephanie Chaltiel works with innovative techniques and natural materials that meet sustainability criteria. She began her career in Mexico and French Guyana building houses by hand with local inhabitants. After working for Bernard Tschumi in New York, OMA and Zaha Hadid, she founded her own studio MuDD Architects. Her award-winning projects combine cutting-edge technology and raw materials and have been presented and exhibited worldwide. She will speak with Martha Thorne, Dean of IE School of Architecture and Director of the Pritzker Prize, about her vision of architecture and one of her latest projects on vertical gardens (in collaboration with Svenja Keune and gardeners of “un jardin sur le toit”) which integrate fabrics in three dimensions.

This session will be streamed live at YouTube

Photography projects: MuDD Architects, Svenja Keune & Un jardin sur le toit

Photography of Marta Thorne: © IE University