Mind Games (signed copy)

Annie Vernon

Throughout her career as one of the world's top athletes, Annie Vernon struggled with existential questions about the purpose of sport in our comfortable, first-world society: Why do we do it? What is it in our psyche that makes us push ourselves to the limit? What allows us to mentally overcome the physical pain?

Now retired from competition, Olympic silver medallist and world champion rower Annie Vernon has decided to look for answers to these questions. Drawing on her personal experiences and interviews with some of the best coaches, athletes and psychologists from across the world of sport, Annie discovers the secrets of how athletes train their brains in order to become world beaters. She debunks the myth that elite performers are universally cool, calm and brimming with self-assurance, and finds that an elite athlete is not that different from you and me. It's simply a question of mind games.

Winner of the Telegraph Sports Book Award 2020.

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Mind Games (signed copy)