Rethink: How We Can Make a Better World

Amol Rajan

Based on the hit BBC podcast, a guide to our global 'reset moment', examining life after the pandemic, with contributions by Pope Francis, HRH Prince Charles, The Dalai Lama, Lady Hale, Tara Westover, Steven Pinker, Caleb Femi, Carlo Rovelli, and many more. After darkness, there is always light In a time of increasing uncertainty, Rethink offers a guide to a much-needed global 'reset moment', with leading international figures giving us glimpses of a better future after the pandemic. Each contribution explores a different aspect of public and private life that can be re-examined - from Pope Francis on poverty and Dalai Lama on the role of ancient wisdom to Lady Hale on the courts and Tara Westover on the education divide; from Emma Dabiri on identity and Steven Pinker on Human Nature to Xine Yao on masks and Jarvis Cocker on environmental revolution. Collectively, they offer a roadmap for positive change after a year of unprecedented hardship.

Price: £16.99