Event 60

Julia Navarro in conversation with José Manuel Lorenzo

Unforgettable characters in search of their identity

Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo

The success of her first novel, La hermandad de la Sábana Santa, the bestseller that has been published in thirty countries, motivated her to leave her career as a journalist and essayist (Señora presidenta, El nuevo socialismo: la visión de José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero) and focus on literature. Her novels, Dime quién soy, Dispara, yo ya estoy muerto, Historia de un canalla and Tú no matarás made inroads on the bestseller lists. Julia Navarro creates characters and places them in different historical moments, always with a rigorous style. One of her novels, Dime quién soy, has been made into a series starring Irene Escolar. Her latest novel, De ninguna parte, tells of a journey made by two men in search of their identities, against a backdrop of religious fundamentalism. It is due to be published very soon in Spain, Latin America and the United States.

Navarro will talk to José Manuel Lorenzo, the producer of the series Dime quién soy, President and founder of the film and television production company DLO Producciones and President of PATE (Associate Producers of Television in Spain).

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Julia Navarro in conversation with José Manuel Lorenzo