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Mariana Mazzucato

Mission Economy: A Moonshot Guide to Changing Capitalism

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One of the world’s most exciting and original economists, Mariana Mazzucato calls for new levels of boldness and experimentation to be applied to the biggest social and political issues of our time: inequality, disease and climate change.

Mazzucato argues we need to rethink the capacities and role of government within the economy and society, launching new ‘missions’ that require and incentivise innovation in all sectors to achieve a common goal. Her ‘mission-oriented’ approach means fundamentally changing the relationship between public and private, making them together more genuinely purpose-driven. By equipping government with the tools, organisation and culture it needs to drive social missions on a scale not seen before, we can aim for changes that really matter to people and the planet.

With its ideas already being adopted around the world – including by the European Commission and Scottish government – Mission Economy offers a way out of our impasse to a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Price: £12.00
Mariana Mazzucato