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Deborah Levy

Living Autobiography Series

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Audacious, searching and triumphant, this award-winning trilogy of genre-bending living autobiographies from one of the great writers and thinkers of our time, considers the matter of finding a voice and the courage and purpose to use it. In Real Estate, Levy asks a practical and existential question: If patriarchy owns the deeds to the land, are women its sitting tenants? If so, how might she find a house of her own? In The Cost of Living, Levy considers what it takes to become a mother, to lose a mother, to dismantle her own life and remake it anew? And, in Things I Don’t Want To Know, Levy’s pioneering portrait of a young woman in the storm of life, she wonders what it takes for a writer to claim her feelings and thoughts and believe they might be valuable?

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Deborah Levy