Event 185

Vincent Doumeizel talks to Andy Fryers

Oceans Futures Series 3: The Seaweed Revolution

Starlight Stage

Seaweed has the potential to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. About 50 per cent of the photosynthesis on Earth occurs in seaweeds and microscopic algae floating in the oceans contributing to the uptake of carbon dioxide and the release of oxygen. The seaweeds provide shelter for marine life and are an important part of the food chain. How can an upscaled, responsible and restorative seaweed industry play a globally significant role in food security, climate change mitigation, and support to the marine ecosystem, as well as contributing to job creation and economic growth?

Vincent Doumeizel is Senior Adviser at United Nations Global Compact on Oceans and director for the Food Programme for the Lloyd’s Register Foundation. He talks to Hay Festival’s Sustainability Director.

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Vincent Doumeizel talks to Andy Fryers