Extra Virgin Olive Oil Direct

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Direct (EVOOD) delivers the finest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your door. We source our oil direct from oil mills in Spain and Portugal. All oil is of the highest possible quality.

We supply our oil in 2L and 5L PET containers which reduces packaging. This also means you are paying for the exceptional quality of our oil and not a fancy bottle. Store your oil under the stairs and then fill up your exclusive super smart EVOOD glass bottle (free with all subscriptions) for use everyday in the kitchen.

Simply subscribe to the appropriate size bottle and we will deliver it to you on a regular basis. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has many proven health benefits both in the kitchen and in a multitude of other uses. Find out more with our short format festival exclusive Ebook - The Secret Life of Olive Oil.

Website:  http://extravirginoliveoildirect.co.uk/

Email:  oil@extravirginoliveoildirect.co.uk

Address:  Fir Tree Cottage, Glasbury, HR3 5LJ

Tel:  07900 475 827

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Direct