Event HF5

Teresa Alcántara in conversation with Óscar Pedraza Nieto

Venue: Museo de la Ciudad (sala Cristo)

The life of Alina changes drastically the day she receives some terrible news: Daniel, her best friend, has killed himself because of the bullying he was suffering. What is the worst? Nobody seems to care and Mauricio and his gang, the bullies of our story, go unpunished. Only Alina’s grandmother has an answer to her granddaughter’s concerns, when she tells her about a creature who can act as a defender, and she teaches her the recipe to create one, assisted by Lenny, her golem. At this event, we reflect together with Teresa Alcántara about of El extraño caso de Lenny Goleman, by author Liliana Blum, on this evil which affects so many young people, how to tackle it and, above all, how to bring justice in cases of bullying. The event will be moderated by Óscar Pedra Nieto.

Ages 14 and over

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