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Yael Weiss in conversation with Alma Candy Rangel Alvarado

Venue: UAQ, explanada de Rectoría, Auditorio Fernando Díaz Ramírez

Yael Weiss (Mexico) is a writer, publisher and television presenter. She is the author of four books, the most recent being Los muros de aire y otras crónicas de frontera, which is a compilation of five reports by the writer about time she spent in the border cities of Ciudad Hidalgo, Ciudad Juárez, Tenosique, Tijuana and Reynosa. Based on the testimony of women, children and men from Central America and elsewhere in the world, Weiss tells the story of the travels on Mexican soil of people who flee hunger, danger, precarious labour conditions and drug trafficking in a bid to reach the United States, where a series of new challenges awaits them, some of them more dangerous than they might imagine. She will talk to Alma Candy Rangel Alvarado.

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Yael Weiss in conversation with Alma Candy Rangel Alvarado

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